What should I do if I get dry?What methods can help improve?

Many pregnant women do not pay attention to their diet or lack exercise for a long time during pregnancy, resulting in discovering dry stools and difficulty in defecation during the bowel movement.In addition to this situation, in addition to consulting the doctor’s opinions, you can also help the body’s support and improve the dry stool in a reasonable way.Because the body of pregnant women is special, you need to be cautious.What should I do if I get dry?What methods can help improve?

1. When the symptoms of dry stool dryness occur, you should eat as little food as much as possible to avoid reducing the stimulation of food residue to colon movement and increase the drying of stool.At the same time, it is necessary to increase the amount of food and eat more foods rich in dietary fiber and crude fiber, which can promote intestinal motility and improve constipation symptoms.

2. Pregnant women should be the same as usual during pregnancy. Avoid disruption of defecation habits, because many pregnant women have changed due to mental factors or life rules. For long period of time, they fail to stool in time, and they will also dry their stools.Therefore, it is necessary to develop good bowel habits.

3. Eating more fresh vegetables and fruits can also alleviate constipation, because vegetables contain more dietary fiber and crude fiber.After eating, it can promote intestinal motility, increase intestinal vitality, and improve the symptoms of dry stool.

4. Arrange life and work reasonably, and exercise appropriately during pregnancy to avoid sedentary.Proper cultural activities are very helpful for intestinal peristalsis ability.

5. Daily drinking water must be sufficient, because water can relieve dry stool.After getting up in the morning, drink a glass of water, you can also clear the stool, discharge bowel poisoning, and effectively improve the symptoms of dry stool.Therefore, drink at least 1,500 milliliters of water every day. After waking up or after meals, you can move more and advance the feces to the remote colon.

It is worth noting that pregnant women should not be used blindly when they are dry. The abuse of laxatives may affect the fetus, which will cause the intestinal sensitivity to weaken.Therefore, it is best to consult a doctor’s opinion or adjust it through daily diet. Do not use the drug blindly.

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