What should I do if I get pregnant?

After adjusting endocrine and ovulation treatment, Mimi finally became pregnant. This was only two days after testing, and she came to the clinic in panic. Can I take medicine with a cold and dizzy and throat?Seeing her anxious face, I really understand that she is a multi -cyst ovary syndrome for three years and has not been pregnant for three years. She has received a lot of white eyes and idleness.Cold again, how can I accept it if there is a loss.I quickly asked her to sit down, so I was science and science.

The question of whether cold can take medicine during pregnancy has always troubled many expectant mothers who have already pregnant their baby.Can I take medicine when I am pregnant, will it affect pregnant women and fetuses?

During pregnancy is a very sensitive time, many women are plagued by colds such as colds. Some women do not dare to take medicine because they are afraid of fetal malformations, and some women have no care of the medicine.In fact, both of these methods are wrong.When pregnant women have a cold, they must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.So how to use medicine for pregnant women to be safe?

Within 1-2 weeks after fertilization: The effect of drugs on the embryo is "all or none", that is, there is no impact, or the impact will cause abortion, which will generally not cause fetal malformations. ThereforeTaking drugs during early pregnancy generally does not have much impact on the fetus, do not have to worry too much, and do not have to abortate it because of this.

Early pregnancy: 3-8 weeks after fertilization (that is, 5-10 weeks of menopause): It is called teratogenic sensitivity period, which is the period of differentiation of various organs of embryos.It is decisive, including general health products and nourishing medicines.If you have to take medicine, you must be careful and safe under the guidance of a doctor.If there is a history of taking medicine, you can conduct prenatal diagnosis (including B-ultrasound) at 16-20 weeks of pregnancy, and further understand the growth and development of the fetus and exclude fetal malformations.

In the middle and late pregnancy: This period is basically differentiated by the organs of the fetus and continue to grow.During this time, the possibility of teratogenic teratogenic is greatly reduced, but some drugs may still affect the normal development of the fetus.

Before childbirth: Pregnant women should pay great attention to the last week, because when the fetus becomes a newborn baby, the metabolic system in the body is incomplete, and the drugs cannot be quickly and effectively eliminated quickly. The drug may accumulate in the baby’s body and produce excessive drugs.Other drugs can cause hypoglycemia for neonatal; even some drugs can cause fetal death.

Do not support severe cold during pregnancy, and delaying treatment can easily cause serious consequences.In fact, when you have a cold or other diseases during pregnancy, you must pay attention to it. You do n’t want to be small. Normally normal colds can heal yourself, but if you have a fever of more than 38 degrees, and severe infection or inflammation, you must be sure to cause severe infection or inflammation.Note that because the baby is afraid of heat, if the body temperature is lower than 38 degrees, you can take a cold medicine such as Pudi Blue Oral Liquid and Balnite Ruins. If the symptoms are severe, you can take cephalosporin antibiotics, but you must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Hearing this, Mimi smiled a little shyly, and came up and kissed me coldly. Mother Chen, I know how to do it.

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