What should I do if I get pregnant by accident?

A female friend of Orange unexpectedly discovered that she was pregnant today. A new life was born with a happy thing.

But my friend couldn’t be happy, and the child’s arrival disrupted her original plan.

Friends and hometown are from Anhui. Like oranges, they belong to migrant workers. Originally, friends could not worry so much. Although it was an accident, it was necessary to leave home to raise a fetus.Can suffer, explain it later.

Last year, my friend and her husband worked in Wuxi. Maybe I felt that the salary and living environment here was okay. This year, the two elderly people and her three -year -old children in the family were brought to Wuxi this year.

Friends and husbands enter the factory to work to earn a big head. The father -in -law’s father -in -law can only find some fragmented temporary work stickers to supplement the family because of his age. Her mother -in -law is responsible for bringing children. This distribution is reasonable to a family like a friend, but this is very reasonable, but this is very reasonable.The arrival of the child broke the original balance.

Friends are very distressed now. If they resign from the income of her husband, the income of her husband cannot bear the consumption expenditure of the entire family. The small room they originally rented was less than 1,000.The two -bedroom and one -living house, the one -month rent 2400 does not include hydropower gas and property costs. The contract is signed for one year.

My friend’s original plan was to let the child go to kindergarten here, but now friends have a child unexpectedly. If this child friend and mother -in -law can only return to their hometown, if Wuxi is in Wuxi, the cost of inspection cannot be eaten.

In this way, children can only be in kindergarten in their hometown. Friends cannot come out to work within at least two or three years.

Some people may have questions why they have to resign if they are pregnant by accident, and they cannot work until they are about to produce before going on vacation. Regarding this problem, Orange feels that it must be explained for friends.

When Orange and other friends talked about this, they issued such questions.

Here the oranges first explain the situation of the factory where the friend is located. The friend’s factory is a factory for electric vehicle accessories.The saying is that the work time is fixed, but the time of work is not fixed. It is common to work at five o’clock to work at five o’clock.The job is an assembly line operator.

I don’t know if anyone knows how much the motor of the electric vehicle is. Friends do that job. Every day, about 2,000 motors are turned over and over, and the assembly line will be opened once it is turned on. No matter if you are ready, normal people are like thatHigh -intensity work will not bear the next day, let alone friends now have children.

If a friend can insist on the production in such an operating environment, there is no abortion, and oranges have a full reason to suspect that the friend is pregnant with Nezha.

There is never a pregnant woman in the assembly line. Without him, pregnant women cannot stand such high -intensity jobs.

As for the maternity insurance paid in the factory, it was not used at all, because friends were not very good at that time.

Orange is sometimes thinking that since maternity insurance is the insurance paid by the factory, why do employees leave the employee that cannot be transferred as pension insurance.

The front -line employees who work on the production line like a friend can not survive the nine months of pregnancy. Paying for maternity insurance can basically not enjoy the treatment. Maternity insurance is only useful for talents in the office.In terms of front -line employees, pregnancy means resignation.

Workers like friends should also be seen, and their needs should be valued even more. I hope that one day our country’s maternity insurance can take into account a group of female workers, located in front -line employees.

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