What should I do if I get pregnant during the epidemic?

The Spring Festival is already a happy day, but everyone is trapped by a sudden epidemic. The hospital is like a battlefield and densely personnel. If you find that you are pregnant unexpectedly at this special moment, you are afraid that you can go to the hospital.What should we do without going to the hospital?

If you have always been a menstrual rule, once the "Auntie" appears late, the obstetrics and gynecology experts of the People’s Hospital of the Autonomous Region remind you that you must be vigilant. First of all, it is recommended that you go to a nearby pharmacy to buy early pregnancy test test paper for testing to determine whether you are"Middle move".

Secondly, if the pregnancy test paper is positive, if there is no vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain, you can go to the hospital to draw HCG, progesterone and B-ultrasound at about 6-7 weeks of pregnancy. It is determined to be internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy?

1. Suppose that ectopic pregnancy should be hospitalized immediately.

2. If it is an intrauterine pregnancy, there is no fertility requirement to induce labor. It is recommended to perform artificial flow in the outpatient operating room in 7-10 weeks. The abortion surgery time is short.Stay time.

3. If the pregnancy week is greater than 10 weeks, you can only choose to have a logistics abortion in hospitalization. For hospitalization, you don’t have to worry too much. The protection and isolation measures of regular hospitals are in place. As long as personal protection is done.

The greater the gestational week, the greater the risk of abortion. Therefore, it is recommended that female friends do not miss the golden period of abortion in order to avoid infection.So, what protection measures should we take to the hospital?

1. It is best to wear a good mask that has a good protective effect of medical masks, medical surgical masks, and wash your hands frequently.

2. Try to reduce the contact with your hands, the body with strangers, hospital instruments, railings, hospital seats, etc. before consulting. Before you wash your hands, try not to touch your mouth, nose, eyes and other parts.handwashing.

In order to ensure the safety of patients, the hospital has also adopted a lot of effective protection measures. For example, patients and family members need to test the normal body temperature and wear masks to enter the hospital. Therefore, everyone must have confidence in the hospital’s protection.During the epidemic, it is reminded that friends must take contraceptive measures (can use tool contraception, drug contraception, etc.) to avoid unnecessary trouble to themselves.

Opening time of the gynecological outpatient gynecological clinic of the Autonomous Region People’s Hospital

Source: People’s Hospital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region

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