What should I do if I have a bloody mucus?Why is pregnant cows bleeding?

What should I do if I have a bloody mucus?Before the embryo has not completely formed, in fact, the embryo bed is not particularly stable. There are many different factors that may cause obvious abortion. When abortion occurs, the embryo and the uterine wall itself will cause itself to cause itself.Different degrees of separation may cause obvious symptoms such as vaginal bleeding.Basically, 50%of animals may spend this stage safely, and can enter the next stage of breeding, but 30%of animals may have abortion.

The phenomenon of bleeding during pregnancy is more common. Of course, there are various reasons for various reasons. First of all, it is divided into various cases. The first is caused by the mother’s reasons.Diseases or obvious lack of progesterone, which will cause obvious bleeding and other phenomena.

In addition, it may be caused by embryo. If the cow is during pregnancy, because there is a problem with the embryo itself, then the phenomenon of bleeding will be accompanied by this situation, and this situation itself is not particularly optimistic.

In addition to this reason, it may also be caused by external force stimulation. For example, during the process of pregnancy, the abdominal cavity itself entered a state of congestion.Caused a certain stimulus, which may cause obvious bleeding at any time, so at this time, it should be paid attention to life.

During the processing process, you should also understand that whether you are just pregnant or entering the midterm, as long as there is bleeding, you must tell the veterinarian as soon as possible that it is generally considered to be only mild bleeding, not very serious, not very serious., But if you are accompanied by obvious blood phenomenon and continuously roar, this should be admitted immediately, because this is likely to be a symptom of miscarriage. Of courseWhen there are problems, it should not be ignored, and it must be resolved as soon as possible.

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