What should I do if I have a cold during pregnancy?How can you not take medicine fast?


Cold is the most likely multi -symptom upper respiratory tract infection. Although it is not a major disease, it can also make us feel uncomfortable, especially during pregnancy. If you have a cold, you can not take cold medicines to help the body can help the body.Recovery, the degree of uncomfortableness, can only be understood by experience, what should I do?Is there any good way that you don’t need to take medicine and be good?

Learn about the principle of a cold

If you want to take medicine, let’s take a look at the principle of a cold. The cold we usually call is a common upper respiratory tract infection viral disease.Caused by viruses, 70 to 80 among ordinary colds are caused by viruses, 20 to 30 % of bacterial infections, infection can be infected all year round.Stimulation leads to a decrease in cilia on the upper respiratory mucosa, which causes a series of cold symptoms caused by the mask cells where the virus is located here.

What are the symptoms of a cold?

Different positions in virus bacteria can cause different symptoms of colds. If you are located in the nasal cavity, it will cause itching, sneezing, runny nose, and even tears. If you are located at the throat, you will have dry throat.Synthema, dry cough to sputum and other symptoms. Sometimes we find that there are nasal symptoms for two or three days, and then there are throat symptoms such as cough. In fact, this is the severe development of a cold that we often say.

What should I do if the pregnant mother encounters a cold?

But it is said that once a woman is pregnant, she will become a female superman, and she wants to do everything to protect her children. Then let me talk about how I deal with a cold at that time.

1. Rest, rest, rest, important things to say three times

Cold is actually your body reminding you that you should rest. Because only when your immunity is low, the ability to resist disease will decrease, so it will be infected by virus bacteria, otherwise your body’s immune cells will immediately dropThe bacterial virus falling on the mucous membrane devours.Therefore, rest is important, especially in the early stages of a cold that does not become more serious, that is, when you just feel that the nasal cavity is uncomfortable, sneezing and runny nose, maybe when you have a dry throat, it is best to rest in bed at home.Let yourself lie in bed and sleep well, give your body a chance to repair yourself.Many times, Meimei sleeps, just take a day of rest at home.

2. Drink water and drink a lot

Although water, although we cannot provide how much nutrients we can provide for our bodies, when a cold, we need to drink 1.5 times the amount of water drinking water, because when a cold, we can produce more toxins in our body, such as the breeding and damaged cells of virus bacteria.Falling off, etc., these things must be cleaned out of the body in time, and sufficient water can help the body clean up and detoxify, especially the hot boiled water effect is excellent.

3. Pay attention to diet conditioning

Many people do not pay attention to the diet conditioning during a cold, and even feel that they are sick because they are physically deficient and need to be supplemented. Especially after pregnancy, they are afraid that the baby in the stomach lacks nutrition and does not even let go of the cold.To wait, in fact, when you have a cold, our digestive system will be affected. At first, we do n’t want to eat greasy. Even the tomato soup with a little oil does not want to eat it. I was like this at that time.After that, I didn’t want to eat it, I wanted to eat some pumpkin millet porridge, or purple potato millet porridge, and then the fruit.

Therefore, when I caught a cold, I didn’t take medicine. I lay at home for two days, and asked my husband to buy me a lot of millennial fruits, blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit and other fruits.Bean porridge, do n’t even stir -fry the vegetables, just eat the mustard with porridge. It ’s not bad. After two or three days of cultivation and conditioning my cold, my cold is quickly good, but the reaction of early pregnancy is still there.

In fact, a cold during pregnancy is not terrible. The terrible thing is that in the early days you did not pay attention to it, did not take timely conditioning, so that the cold was severely, and from a single nasal infection, it induced throat infections.If the body cannot bear it, it will also affect the baby’s baby, because the virus bacteria may also affect the baby through the blood, so if you fail to condition it in the early stages of a cold, it is too uncomfortable. You have to go to the doctor. Do you have to take medicine?What kind of medicine to take, remember to listen to the doctor’s advice, but the above food therapy is still important.

Three days of disease, diet and diet will not make fetal baby lack nutrition, because the mother is the greatest. When we fail to consume enough nutrition every day, the body will use the nutrition of the pregnant mother’s reserves, and even the body of the pregnant mother’s body.Ingredients to meet the growth and development needs of the baby.Take a good rest and do a good job of cold food therapy in time, so that you can restore yourself as soon as possible to better protect the health of the baby baby!

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