What should I do if I have acne on my face during pregnancy?

For women, acne on the face is a big deal. If acne on the face is not beautiful, it will also sound to a certain extent to their own mood and life.So what if the Baoma group who is pregnant during pregnancy, what if acne on the face during pregnancy?

Six major reasons for acne during pregnancy

1. Hormone secretion: Hormone secretion during pregnancy is an important cause.As a result, the face is easier to get oily than usual, and the pressure on life and work during pregnancy is great. If you sleep in lack of sleep or stay up late, you will continue to emerge.

2. Insufficient skin cleaning: Excessive sebum stasis in the hair follicles, the catheter that blocks the hair follicles, plus the effect of fatty acids and bacteria in the hair follicles, and acne has grown.

3. Gastrointestinal condition: such as constipation, gastrointestinal discomfort.

4. Excessive pressure of emotional instability: self -emotional control ability is not strong, easy to be affected by others, emotional instability, coupled with too much stress in work and life, and long duration can easily cause unstable hormone secretion in the body, thereby thereforeMake sebum secretion and cause acne.

5. Sleep: As the pregnancy increases, the stomach of the expectant mother is increasing, and the fetus in the abdomen will more or less affect the quality of sleep, thereby affecting the regulation of endocrine and prone to acne.

6. The internal fire caused by spicy diet: Eating spicy food can easily cause stomach fire, resulting in thickening pores or breeding bacteria, acne, acne and other issues will also intensify.

How to regulate acne during pregnancy

1. Pay attention to eating habits to achieve "three more or two less"

Eat more zinc -containing food: Zinc supplement during pregnancy can enhance resistance and effectively promote postpartum wound healing.There are many zinc -containing foods, such as animal liver, scallops, nuts, corn, lentils, soybeans, radish, mushrooms, etc.

Eat more foods containing high crude fiber: crude fiber can effectively help gastrointestinal motility, accelerate metabolism, and help excess fat in the body excrete.Including: whole wheat bread, soybeans, bamboo shoots, etc.

Eat more foods containing higher vitamins: Vitamin A has a magical effect on the skin.Foods with vitamins A include: carrots, spinach, lettuce, apricot, mango, animal liver, cod liver oil, etc.Green leafy vegetables and fish contain high vitamin B2 and B6, which can effectively promote fat metabolism and calm acne scars.Vitamin C can effectively repair the damaged skin tissue, and it can be absorbed by eating fresh fruits and fruits.Not to mention the beauty effect of vitamin E.

Less spicy oil: Eat less spicy and oily food during pregnancy. Such foods can easily stimulate nerves and blood vessels and easily cause acne to recur.The oily reaction will cause the skin with acne.

Less fat and sweet taste: such as pork belly, buckle, roast chicken, roast duck and other foods with rich foods.

2. Pay attention to the cleaning of the skin during pregnancy

During pregnancy, mothers can use skin care products for pregnant women to wash their faces in the morning and evening, and use warm water to clean the face.It is best to choose some warm and not stimulating skin.

If you have makeup (recommended to use cosmetics during pregnancy), you must remove makeup before washing your face, and then wash your face thoroughly with facial cleanser. Do not leave dirt, fat and cosmetics in pores.

3. After getting up early in the morning, massage the face along the facial muscles

Get up in the morning every morning. During pregnancy, mothers can use their hands to move along the facial muscles and blood vessels, slowly massage for a few minutes to promote local blood circulation and cell renewal.

4. Drink more water to enhance skin elasticity

Drinking a glass of water before going to bed and drinking a glass of water before taking a bath can effectively supplement a certain amount of water, so that the skin can become delicate and smooth.Drinking plenty of water can make the skin more shiny and elastic.

5. Do a good job of sunscreen

To do a good job of sun protection.Because the skin protection of expectant mothers during pregnancy will be relatively fragile, not only is it easy to dry, but also aggravate butterfly spots.

Here are several methods of green sunscreen, such as playing parasol when you go out, wearing a wide -edge hat, or applying olive oil directly to your face, you can effectively sunscreen.

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