What should I do if I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy?5 small tricks to help you relieve discomfort

Many pregnant mothers are troubled by hemorrhoids during pregnancy, especially mothers who have had hemorrhoids before pregnancy.

Jiamei: Why is it easy to get hemorrhoids during pregnancy?

Jia Yanhui Teacher Xu Ling: It has a certain relationship with this special period during pregnancy.

Why is hemorrhoids prone to hemorrhoids during pregnancy

Because the uterus increases after pregnancy, the compression of the venous vein is blocked by blood flow, and then the blood stagnation of the rectal anus is stagnant, causing hemorrhoids.In addition, adding pelvic blood supply and loose pelvic tissue can easily induce hemorrhoids.

How to deal with hemorrhoids during pregnancy?What do you need to pay attention to?do you know?

What should I pay attention to when I have hemorrhoids during pregnancy

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber.

Such as celery, leeks, apples, etc., must be paired with thickness, reasonable diet, and developing a good habit of timing defecation.

2. Drink plenty of water, avoid eating spicy food, and eat less easy -to -digest food.

After hemorrhoids occur, try to avoid constipation.Once it appears, it should be treated immediately to prevent the worsening of hemorrhoids.

3. Exercise appropriately.

Moms can take a walk in the morning and evening to avoid sitting for a long time or stand for a long time. When resting, the pelvic part can be raised for 20 ~ 25 cm to exercise appropriately to enhance resistance and avoid causing other diseases.

How to relieve hemorrhoid discomfort during pregnancy

1. Cold compress.

Hold the broken ice with clean socks and place it on the anus cold. This will shrink the blood vessels and reduce the pain.Lie on a thick towel to avoid wetting the sheets.

2, warm water sitting bath.

Soaked in the warm water of half a cup of soda or wild Ai, you can stop itching, but be careful not to stay too long.

3. Use ice pillow or ice cotton ball.

Not only can prevent hemorrhoids, it can also help shrink and reduce discomfort.

When you are preparing to use an ice pillow to relieve pain, taking the posture of the knee and chest can relieve the swelling blood vessel pressure and relieve the pain of hemorrhoids.

4. Use pillows.

Buy a pillow similar to a life -saving circle, place on the seat, or sit on the pillow.Periodontal protection can be temporarily relieved of pain, but it may increase the pressure in the anus.

5. Drug treatment.

There are many medicines for treating hemorrhoids, such as hemorrhoids, but these drugs often contain ingredients such as musk, alum, mannitol and antibiotics. It may be absorbed into the blood through the rectal tissue and cause adverse effects on the fetus.use.

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