What should I do if I have just found pregnancy?Pay attention to these points at a time

Pregnancy is a major event in life, but if you do not pay attention to these points, it is even a big thing.Especially when they are reincarnation, many unexpected expectant mothers feel weak about this.

1. Menstruation stop

Menstruation is the earliest and earliest sign of early pregnancy.

However, due to diet, mood, nutrition, and even stress, many people are prone to disorder during menstruation.However, if you are preparing for pregnancy and menstrual delay for more than 10 days, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy.

2. Learn to calculate the time of pregnancy

Many people’s pregnancy is obtained by accidentally, so we must learn how to determine the real time of our pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, the first month of pregnancy refers to the first day of the menstrual period, and then push backwards. Because the first half will not feel any changes, because the fertilized eggs have not been completely conceived.So we are still unknown about any physical changes.But with the fertilized eggs, a series of physical changes began.

3. Ensure your diet health and laws

After entering the early pregnancy, we should pay attention to the laws and health of the diet. In addition, it is appropriate to have a light taste. After all, some physical reactions in the early pregnancy are prone to occur in the early pregnancy.occur.

In addition, the supplement of folic acid is also very important. It can help the fetal neural tube development in a timely manner, which has a certain role in promoting the nervous system and brain development of children.

Fourth, adjust your emotions

The most regulatory during pregnancy is emotions. Due to the impact of estrogen and progesterone on the body, emotions will definitely change tremendous changes.

Nonetheless, we still have to help ourselves balance good emotions, which has a positive and effective impact on the development of the fetus in the abdomen, so we must pay attention.

5. B -ultrasound is too early, it should be supplemented

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to do too early B -ultrasound. When you are pregnant, you can only do the color Doppler ultrasound, and you ca n’t take care of anything.Of course, this will vary from person to person.And due to personal physical reasons, some people will have a slight discomfort after doing yin, and when there is no gestational sac, it will add a lot of extra psychological burden!

So, don’t do too early B -ultrasound!Do we do nothing at this time?Not!

You can try to try your husband ~ (joking ha ~)

In the early pregnancy, folic acid and vitamins can be supplemented. If there are no abnormal bleeding and abdominal pain, it is good to live normally.Even if the small abdomen has slight pain, it may be caused by the changes in the environmental environment of the body. It is normal, so don’t be too nervous ~

In addition to the above, we must pay attention to the first 8 weeks of pregnancy!Because this may be related to whether the child has any problems ~

Fertilized eggs: Babies are still a single -cell. At this time, the "destruction" of the outside world is unlikely to cause only small abnormalities. If it has an impact, it is completely damaged -abortion.

About 3 or 4 weeks of pregnancy: The organs have not been split yet. The baby is a whole group with omnidirectional stem cells. One or a few of them will be "destroyed", and other companions will quickly top it, so it is unlikely to shapedeformity.

5-8 weeks of pregnancy: The growth stage of various organs of embryos is the most likely to cause teratogenic.

So, know why many people have announced their pregnancy early ~

You must protect your baby in the early stages of pregnancy, because he is really fragile ~ I will talk to you so much today. I can talk about my baby’s questions at any time ~

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