What should I do if I reflect acid and heartburn during pregnancy?

Speaking of the most annoying things during pregnancy is all kinds of vomiting, acid reflux, heartburn, and poor appetite. If you eat uncomfortable, eat or worry about affecting your baby’s development. Today, let’s talk about anti -pregnancy periods.What should I do if my heart and heart are burning.

During pregnancy, heartbathing does not only occur in the early stages of pregnancy. For pregnant mothers with poor stomachs, it may be wrapped around us throughout pregnancy.

A. The hormone in the body is soaring

In the early pregnancy, the level of HCG (chorionic gonadotropin) in expectant mothers will rise rapidly, and it will continue to decline until 12 weeks of pregnancy.Sowing, some mothers will even continue until the third trimester. It is quite hard … In the late pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone (progesterone) and estrogen levels will increase significantly, which will make the pregnant mothers expand the muscle under the esophagus of the pregnant mother to expand the muscle in the muscle in the muscle.The tension gradually decreases, which leads to the reflux of the stomach content such as gastric acid and peedant, and produces the feeling of burning the stomach and esophageal, which is "burning heart".

B. The uterus occupying the site and the stomach is oppressed

In the third trimester, as the pregnant mother’s uterus continues to increase, the stomach will be compressed upward, which will increase the pressure in the stomach and the speed of gastric emptying.The reflux to the lower section of the esophagus, the feeling of heart burning appeared.And with the increase of the gestational week and the increase of the uterus, this feeling will become more and more obvious, and it will increase when the pregnant mother bent, sitting or lying flat.

Many pregnant mothers think that although heartburne is uncomfortable during pregnancy, after all, it is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, and tolerance has passed.In fact, this idea is wrong. Heartburra during pregnancy not only reducing diet to affect nutritional absorption, but also causes reflux esophagitis.

If the pregnant mother is not very good before pregnancy, it is likely to worsen in the third trimester.In addition to causing esophageal stenosis, bleeding, and ulcer, severe reflux esophagitis will also invade the pharynx, vocal cords and trachea, causing chronic pharyngitis, chronic voicitis and bronchitis.

1. Eat less meals to avoid overeating

The more content of the stomach, the easier it is to reflect to the esophagus, and a small amount of diet, low -fat and low sugar diet can significantly reduce the degree and frequency of reflux symptoms.

Don’t eat too much for dinner, don’t lie down immediately after meals, which can prevent reflux caused by changes in posture.If the interval between dinner and sleeping time is relatively large, the empty stomach will make the pregnant mother more difficult to fall asleep. At this time, eat less things, such as a cup of hot milk and two pieces of biscuits.

2. Stay away from spicy, sour or easy -to -produce foods

For example, peppers, vinegar and other seasonings, and citrus, pineapple and other sour fruits, starch foods such as sweet potatoes and potatoes (easy to produce acids).Hot pot, spicy and hot, ice cream also temporarily say Byebye ~

Do not stick to caffeine or carbonated diet for the time being, such as coffee, strong tea, chocolate, cola, Sprite, etc.

3. Control weight growth

Pregnant mothers with excessive weight should pay attention to controlling diet and weight growth, because pregnancy and obesity will increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity and promote gastric fluid reflux.

4. Reject second -hand smoke

Pregnant mother not only cannot smoke, but also is also important to stay away from second -hand smoke and third -hand smoke!Because the ingredients in tobacco will not only increase gastric acid secretion, increase acid reflux and heartburn, but also have a adverse effect on the baby’s development.

5. Raise the bedside

If you lie down at night, the feeling of burning your heart is significantly worse, you can raise the bedside overall for 10-15 cm, or add a large pillow under the shoulder, which is a more effective way to reduce the reflux at night.

6. Careful use of medicine in accordance with the doctor’s advice

Because many common medicines for treating excessive gastric acid and gastric ulcers are disabled during pregnancy. If the condition is serious, the pregnant mother can use some acidic inhibitors such as omeprazole, sulfur and aluminum sulfur, and gastric mucosa protective agents under the guidance of a doctor.The general effect is very good, and it will not affect the fetus.

1. It should be appropriately reduced foods with high sugar content. You can drink some millet porridge, yam porridge, and try not to drink simple rice porridge.Don’t add auxiliary materials to the porridge at will, you can add a little jujube.

2. Milk is the most suitable food. At the same time, it is better to eat rice porridge and wheat porridge, which can achieve the effect of acid making.

3. When gastric acid, you can eat alkaline foods such as bread slices, steamed buns, soda biscuits, and bananas, apples, and pears.

4. Carrot can also cure excessive gastric acid. It is alkaline food, which has a sweet juice and neutral.Carrots can choose dark red, lower end and upper end, sweet taste, and more water.It is sterilization when eating. After washing, wipe the surface and rinse with cold water.

5. Nutrition during pregnancy is indispensable. Pregnant mothers have poor appetite. They can supplement some composite nutritional preparations when gastrointestinal conditions are good to ensure the fetal nutrition of the fetus for one day.

TIPS: If the above methods cannot relieve the symptoms of acid reflux, stomach discomfort, or the symptoms are getting heavier, we must be alert to diseases such as reflux esophagitis, gastric duodenal ulcer or chronic gastritis.look.

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