What should I do if it is easy to get angry during pregnancy?Do these three things to deal with it!

After pregnancy, the progesterone in the pregnant mothers is constantly growing. At this time, there are many fatter pregnant mothers who are distressed.The daily diet is controlled very well, and the weight does not make sense to rise day by day. Numerous pregnant mothers have risen by dozens of pounds of weight during a pregnancy. This seems to be quite troublesome.

Then, at the same time as the growth of progesterone, the heat generated by the pregnant mothers will be very heavy, and even a light diet is also easy to get angry.

Psychological stress, stressful spirit

Some pregnant mothers are too worried about their baby’s development after learning that they are too pregnant, or they are unbroken and can easily cause fire.

Excessive fatigue, bad rest

Some pregnant mothers in the workplace still insist on work in their jobs day and night after pregnancy. They have not been fully rest and their immunity is reduced.I do n’t know how to weigh the work and the baby, my body and psychology are exhausted, and it is easy to cause fire.

Irregular diet and inappropriate

Some pregnant mothers are pregnant with their babies in their stomachs or they are unscrupulous to eat what they want to eat. You must know that too much foods such as lamb and peppers such as lamb and peppers may cause pregnant mothers to get angry.the best choice.

Experts from the Tai’an Li Maternal and Gynecology Hospital reminded pregnant mothers to get angry. Most of them are because of their mood and diet, so they should not take the medicine privately when they are getting angry.Trinity reduction with ingredients such as Coptis chinensis and beef and cattle is unsafe for pregnant mothers. It is very dangerous to do not follow the doctor’s advice to take medicine.

"Go to Fire Diet" to put the first place

It is recommended that pregnant mothers choose to lower the fire by eating the treatment, mild and healthy.

Pear is a well -known fire -reducing fruit. Eating more pears is very helpful to extinguish your "fire"; strawberry tastes delicious. Pregnant women eat properly to help clear heat to remove fire and remove dryness.The effect is good, but pregnant mothers should not be greedy, don’t eat too much.

Of course, in addition to sweet fruits, there are many heat -clearing and detoxifying vegetables: Chinese cabbage, cucumber, celery … In addition to fruits and vegetables, we also have safe and delicious fire -reducing weapon -mung bean soup.The secret recipe for reducing the fire from the ancestor is still the taste when he was a child ~

"Big Fish Big Meat" should be appropriate

In order to allow the fetal baby to learn more and more nutrients, pregnant mothers can’t wait to swallow the entire solar system into the mentality of digestion in the stomach.It’s right.

There are also some heavy -duty pregnant mothers who still cannot control their preference for spicy food during pregnancy, preference for fried foods, and preference for irritating food.You must know that controlling your mouth can avoid the dilemma of your fire as much as possible. The light diet is what you should choose. Those "heavy taste" should be enjoyed after unloading.

Guarantee sleep and moisture

The too greasy diet reduces the intake of crude fiber in pregnant mothers. On fire, it is easy to make the pregnant mother’s dry stool dry and the symptoms of constipation.Babies also need amniotic fluid in their stomach, so it is particularly important to replenish sufficient water for the body and baby.

Pregnant mothers must rest well. Only by resting well can we guarantee daily physical strength and not fatigue.Most of them can heal themselves slightly. Pregnant mothers can regulate their functions by resting, good mood, diet, and hydration, so that expectant mothers will reduce the fire.

Note: If the expectant mothers feel a strong discomfort, be sure to seek medical treatment in time. Don’t think that just get angry and resist it yourself ~

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