What should I do if my baby is pregnant?

Vaginal hemorrhage is a common symptom during pregnancy. It can occur in various periods of pregnancy. The amount of bleeding can be bleeding from doting bleeding to a large amount of bleeding.Once the symptoms of bleeding occur during pregnancy, you should go to the doctor in time to retain the bleeding pad as much as possible so that the doctor estimates the amount of bleeding.As for bleeding during pregnancy, the following situations are generally included.

■ Early pregnancy bleeding

Among all expectant mothers, about 20%-30%have symptoms of premature bleeding during pregnancy, 50%of them can eventually smoothly develop healthy babies.Causes of early pregnancy bleeding include:

1. Scenic abortion, usually a small amount of bleeding in the vagina.Insufficient progesterone is a possible cause.At this time, pregnant women should pay attention to rest, reduce activities, avoid the same room, constipation, and mental stress. Under necessary circumstances, they can follow the doctor’s opinion to properly supplement progestive hormone tires.

2. It is inevitable that miscarriage will inevitably have a large amount of bleeding, which is equivalent to or more with menstrual flow. Most of them will be accompanied by abdominal pain.After this happens, pay attention to go to the hospital to check whether there are residues in the uterine cavity. If necessary, you may need to perform clearance surgery.

3. The embryo is stopped, and there is no fetal heart beating after 8 weeks of pregnancy, which often means embryo stopping.Part of the embryo may be aborted naturally; but some of them will stay in the uterine cavity. This situation also needs to be cleared, otherwise it may cause infection and hemorrhage.

4. Extra pregnancy. The so -called ectopic pregnancy is actually an ectopic pregnancy we often hear. This is caused by embryos growing outside the uterine cavity. The most common is fallopian tube pregnancy.In addition, the incidence of pregnancy in cesarean section has gradually increased.

5. Bleeding during bed, this is due to the process of embryo attached to the endometrium (ie, bed) itself may be accompanied by bleeding.

In addition to these common causes, there are some causes that may cause bleeding, such as cervical erosion and cervical polyps.

■ Bleeding during the middle and evening pregnancy

The possible reasons at this time include:

1. The front placenta, if the diagnosis is indeed the front placenta, the doctor will decide whether to perform a cesarean section immediately based on the amount of bleeding and whether the baby has developed and mature.

2. Early peeling of the placenta, that is, the placenta is stripped from the uterine wall before the baby is born, which may be related to trauma, hypertension, smoking, etc.Pregnant women often have severe abdominal pain, which can be accompanied by low back pain and contractions. Vaginal hemorrhage is sometimes not serious.When this happens, the doctor must perform a cesarean section.

3, late abortion/threatened premature birth. In addition to a small amount of vaginal bleeding and blood -based secretions, this situation may also be accompanied by tight hair and hardness of the abdomen, and even a regular lower abdomen pain and falling feeling.If this kind of tight hair and painful feelings have more than 3 times every half an hour, the doctor needs to use medication to suppress the contraction.

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