What should I do if my leg pain during pregnancy?

There are all kinds of distress during pregnancy.Some are very serious and make you nervous, but some are silently tortured the pregnant mother.For example, leg pain.

Since pregnancy, I have often had somehow leg pain, sometimes knees, sometimes calf, sometimes the root of the thigh.The situation is not very serious. It is like the pain that looks like a young man who is always tortured and uncomfortable.

Why do leg pain during pregnancy?

Going to the hospital to ask the doctor, the doctor said it was because pregnancy was compressed to the nerves.As the fetus gradually grows up the uterus to compress each part, the blood circulation of the lower body is not smooth, causing the lower body to be susceptible to fatigue.

How to deal with leg pain during pregnancy?Based on your own experience, as well as the doctor’s suggestion and some pregnant mothers and friends, the method of response is as follows:

1. Calcium supplement, calcium supplementation must be paid attention to during pregnancy.

For leg pain caused by calcium deficiency, it is recommended to eat more foods containing calcium, such as pork bones, milk, eggs, beans, etc.Special reminders, you can drink more milk and bask in the sun.You can also eat compound calcium tablets directly.

2. Eat less sweets

Too much sweets for pregnancy will not only increase weight and cause blood sugar to rise, but also easily cause the loss of calcium and B vitamins, which will cause leg pain.

3. Soaking your feet, this personally feels very effective.

I use hot water with a temperature of about 40 ° every day to soak my feet. The hot water is cooking wormwood (I do n’t know what it is. You can add Xiaobian V: FUTU777) and warm water.However, it can not only relieve fatigue, but also relax and promote blood circulation, which can effectively improve the symptoms of leg pain.If it is the knee, you can use a towel to apply hot water, mainly to promote the blood circulation of the lower limbs. It is best to take your feet after walking every day.

4. Step in the leg

Some pregnant women will have symptoms of leg pain while sleeping, mainly because the lower limb edema caused by increasing uterus is recommended. It is recommended to get up the legs when sleeping, which can relieve the symptoms of leg pain caused by the edema of the legs.You can put a pillow.

5. Proper massage

You can massage your husband for more than ten minutes every day.Like the third point above, it is to help blood circulation.

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