What should I do if my pregnant woman is constipated?Teach you 4 tricks to prevent constipation

The body is prone to fatigue, and the amount of exercise is small. It is always lying or sitting.Ordinary constipation can be relieved in various ways, but the identity of pregnant women is special, and the way to relieve constipation is limited. Therefore, it is important to prevent daily prevention.

Today, we will follow the doctor at the Changsha Emonic Anorectal Hospital. How can pregnant women prevent constipation?

1. Add fruits and vegetables

Pregnant women often have difficulty defecating due to exquisite eating. Therefore, they need to eat more vegetables, fruits and rough grains, such as celery and green leafy vegetables.Do not overeating regularly.Drink plenty of water and insist on drinking a large glass of warm water every morning, which helps stimulate intestinal peristalsis, making the stool softened and easy to discharge.

2. Stupid stool in the morning

Settings regularly every day, toilet in the morning or after breakfast.Because the colon promotion movement is more active and easy to start bowel movements after breakfast, it is a better bowel movement about one hour after breakfast.Don’t ignore the intention, let alone tolerance, and the time for squatting to the toilet should not be too long. Time will not only increase the abdominal pressure, but also cause difficulties to the lower limbs back.

3. Moderate exercise exercise

Moderate exercise can strengthen the contraction of the abdominal muscles, promote gastrointestinal motility, and increase defecation motivation.It should be noted that it is not advisable to use rubbing abdomen massage to promote defecation.

4. Keep your body and mind happy

Arrange work and life reasonably, ensure full rest and sleep, and maintain a good mental state and an optimistic attitude.Pregnant women should not be upset because of vomiting and discomfort. The irritable mentality can also lead to constipation. Do something more interested, such as admiring music, flowering, reading, etc., and try to avoid bad mental stimuli.

Changsha Dongda Anorectal Hospital reminds that many pregnant women will feel irritable because of constipation, and they do not know that these bad emotions will increase constipation.Pregnant women should correctly cope with constipation. When constipation appears, maintain a good mentality, adjust lifestyle in time, and increase exercise is a positive solution.

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