What should I do if my pregnant woman is infected with a new crown?

1. What should I pay attention to when the home isolation isolation after infection?What are the symptoms after infection?

Most maternal mothers are basically upper respiratory tract after new crown, such as cough, runny nose, sore body, fever, etc., may be accompanied by digestive tract symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and rarely develop lung symptoms. Generally, it has improved in three or four days.For about seven days, the course of disease has not increased the health of pregnant women.Pregnant women are recommended to wear N95 masks when they are in contact with their families. Pay attention to disinfection in bathrooms and trash cans.Do maternal women need to panic during home isolation.Drink plenty of water, rest more, and maintain a balanced nutrition.Merit temperature measurement and health monitoring every morning and evening.Symptoms are treated according to symptoms.It is recommended to store the drugs suitable for pregnant women, such as antipyretic drugs such as acetaminol, new bromine, amprolytic and other cough drugs, antiviral drugs with flowers clearing capsules, antiviral oral solution, nasal congestion can use physiological saline waterNasal spraying agent and so on.

2. What are the cases when there is a home isolation process?

It can be divided into two situations: obstetrics and non -production factors.In terms of obstetrics, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in a timely manner if the fetal membrane breaks, vaginal bleeding, paroxysmal contraction, abdominal pain, abnormal fetal movement, abnormal blood pressure, headache, dazzling, lower limb edema, and abnormal blood sugar.In terms of non -obstetrics, if there is high fever, chest tightness, shortness of breath, shortness of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain, severe muscle soreness, less urine and urine, you need to seek medical treatment in time.Do a good job of personal protection before medical treatment, go round and forth, and do not take public transport as much as possible.

3. Can pregnant women get vaginal delivery after infection with the new crown?

Whether a pregnant woman is infected with the new crown can comprehensively judge that the doctor will take the vaginal delivery.Doctors will discuss obstetrics, respiratory, ICU, and neonatal department, etc. to comprehensively judge the principles of safety priority for pregnant women.Symptoms, new crown pregnant women, taboos of no vaginal delivery, such as pre -placenta, fetal injustice, and abnormal fetal heart, can be delivered by vaginal delivery under strict monitoring.The heavy or critical new crown pregnant women are generally recommended for cesarean section.

4. After the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia, can you still breastfeed?

If the maternal infection with the new coronal virus may cause baby infection directly with the baby, the maternal and the baby need to be separated temporarily.The current information shows that the new coronary virus is not detected in the milk. Although the mother cannot breastfeed directly, it can be used to help the feeding after sucking the milk.During this period, keep the breast catheter unobstructed, reduce the stasis of milk, and avoid mastitis.After the maternal heal, breastfeeding can be performed.

Jiang Yurong, Chief Physician of the Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Hunan Province Maternal and Child Health Hospital

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