What should I do if pregnant women have a cold?Causes the cause and treatment method of the cold

Colds are just a common name, mainly like headache, fever, runny nose, and even the main common symptoms of cough.Like traditional Chinese medicine, according to the seasons of the onset, the different winds and colds and windy colds of the disease.Generally, the cold winter seasons are mainly cold and cold, and the summer is mainly based on wind and heat, but it is not completely judged according to the season.Experienced doctors can often make judgments based on your various situations.Pregnant women are the easiest group of colds. As pregnant women, there are more factors to consider, including the effects of drugs on fetuses.Understanding the cause of a cold and the way to treat a cold, the cold is not terrible.

How to treat pregnant women with a cold?

Method 1: Mild cold pregnant women, can drink plenty of water, pay attention to rest, keep warm, oral cold and clearing the heat and clearing the heat -clearing granules or plate Bantan granules

Method 2: Chinese medicine Chinese medicine can effectively control the cold virus, and at the same time non -toxicity. Therefore, the dialectical treatment of traditional Chinese medicine and the prescription of traditional Chinese medicine are the best way to treat pregnant women’s colds. Pregnant women who have colds can take Chinese medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

Method 3: Those who have a high fever in a colder have a high fever. In addition to general treatment, the body temperature should be controlled as soon as possible. The physical cooling method can be used, such as the amount of ice cubes and the neck. You can also choose to use the drug to cool down.Never take Western medicine with large side effects such as An Nai.When choosing an analgesic agent, we must avoid using drugs that have obvious adverse effects on pregnant women, fetuses and newborns, such as aspirin and other drugs. Under the guidance of a doctor, you can use antipyretic analgesic drugs such as vinegar.

Method 4: You can also choose a recipe, such as a small hand of raw mung beans.Three stages of green onions (near the root).Ginger three major blockbusters.A spoon of brown sugar.Water soup bowl.Production method: ① Put the mung beans into the garlic mortar, put it in a large cover cup, and add a spoonful of brown sugar to be used.② Add a soup bowl in the pot. After boiling, put the onion section and ginger slices into a little (one or two minutes), and pour the soup with the ingredients into the lid cup.Ginger can be taken.How to take: Before going to bed at night, drink the sweet and spicy soup, and then sleep with his head.Until sweating all over.

Pregnant women’s cold food treatment method

Apple honey water: Take 5 apples to peel, cut into small pieces, add 1 liter of water, boil for 5 minutes, naturally cool to about 40 ° C, add an appropriate amount of honey to stir well, drink a small amount every day.

Ginger radish soup: 25 grams of ginger, 50 grams of radish, 500 ml of water, cook for 15 minutes, add a suitable amount of brown sugar, drink it while it is hot.

Onion and garlic porridge: Take 10 clean green onions, chopped, 3 petals of garlic, 50 grams of rice, boil into porridge with water, and take it while hot.

Sydney pot: Sydney is washed, chopped with peel, adds rock sugar, and steamed with water pots or clay pots.Suitable for wind and hot cough.

It is best to drink rice porridge after a cold.Drinking more hot porridge during a cold can help sweat, heat dissipation, remove wind and cold, and promote the cure of colds.At the same time, the appetite is poor after a cold, the gastrointestinal digestive system is not good, and drinking porridge can promote absorption.In addition, drinking porridge can play a role in protecting the gastric mucosa

No matter which method is taken, drinking plenty of water is essential.Drink plenty of water and urinate more. The waste generated in the body’s metabolism can be discharged out of the body in time, which helps pregnant women to cure the cold.

How to use a cold for pregnant women?

All drugs are disabled 3 months before pregnancy, because the first three months are the critical period of embryonic formation.If the pregnant woman suffers a mild cold, the symptoms are not particularly heavy, and non -drug therapy can be adopted, such as massage and physical therapy.And drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Use medicine in the middle of pregnancy, such as galininin, chaincin, and scatomycin, etc., should be used with caution for drugs that are damaged by listening to the nerves. It is best not to use it as much as possible.The second trimester of medication generally does not have much impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

If pregnant women are suffering from influenza, they should obey the doctor’s advice to see if they need to stop pregnancy to prevent the virus from getting the fetus.

When you have a cold and fever during pregnancy, you can obey the doctor’s doctor’s advice and choose some Chinese herbal medicines with less poison and side reactions.Banlangen, big green leaves, forsythia, livelihood, honeysuckle, etc., which have the effects of clearing heat and detoxifying and antiviral effects.

In the influenza season, pregnant mothers must not only prevent colds.And pay attention to the dry itching of the face and the body in autumn.Many pregnant women have misunderstandings during pregnancy, thinking that they can’t be wiped after pregnancy.This is an error view by obstetrician demonstration.. Modern medicine has proven that the damage caused by women’s skin during the pregnancy period is equivalent to the natural aging process of 10 to 13 years. The natural aging speed of the postpartum skin is 33%-48%accelerated than before pregnancy! Therefore, the mother’s skin during the pregnancy period of the pregnancy period isNursing is the most important stage to delay skin aging.

In addition, due to changes in hormone secretion after pregnancy, dry skin and itching, pigmentation is easy to grow.If you do not use skin care products, you will accelerate aging, and the loss of self -confidence and charm will cause the whole pregnancy to be depressed and dry.Pregnant mothers lose their beauty and even affect the happiness of marriage.

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