What should I do if pregnant women have diarrhea?What are the consequences?

Once diarrhea occurs during pregnancy, many pregnant women will be very nervous, for fear of affecting the fetus.

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One: What are the consequences of pregnant women with diarrhea?

When pregnant women have diarrhea, dehydration may occur, affecting the absorption of nutrients, and it is not conducive to the normal development of the fetus.When diarrhea is severe, the uterus will shrink and easily lead to abortion.

Two: What should I do if pregnant women have diarrhea?

After pregnant women have diarrhea, they must first pay attention to supplementing electrolytes. Do not eat for the time being. Make up the moisture and electrolytes and calories lost due to diarrhea. Pregnant women can consume some porridge of fluid and digestion.While the liquid is replenished, we must closely observe whether the fetus’s condition is good and signs of abortion or premature birth.And always pay attention to the fetal condition. If there are abnormalities, seek medical treatment in time, do not take the medicine at will.

Three: pregnant women have diarrhea.

Pregnant women should pay attention to diet regulation, do not take medicine without authorization, and eat some foods rich in vitamin C and folic acid.

Rich vitamin C foods include: citrus, cauliflower, honey, green peppers, tomatoes, etc.

Folic acid -containing foods include: dark green vegetables, calfs, beans.

3. Drink plenty of water, eat more millet, do not eat spicy food and cold and greasy food.

4. Reduce the amount of diet and extend the dining interval.

5. Edible foods such as rice soup and noodles.Edible foods with anti -diarrhea, such as cooking eggs, fried rice noodles, sugar and salt water, rice soup.Stop meat, eat less fruits, vegetables, especially fried foods and fried grilled foods.

Four: What are the reasons why pregnant women have diarrhea?

1. Infection can easily cause diarrhea in pregnant women, such as intestinal infections and viral infections.Common pathogens that lead to infections mainly include virus, Salmonella, Candacar, etc.

2. Improper diet can also lead to diarrhea in pregnant women.When pregnant women are pregnant, if the food is rough or deteriorated, the diet habits are poor, allergic to seafood foods, etc., can easily lead to diarrhea symptoms in pregnant women.

3. Some chronic diseases can also cause diarrhea in pregnant women, such as tuberculosis, colitis, and thyroid disease.

Finally, I wish you all a good pregnancy!

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