What should I do if the due date has not been launched after a week?Do you know several calculations of the due date?

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Recently, a former colleague Fang Fang contacted me and chatted with me.I learned through chat that Fangfang is pregnant and leaves for maternity leave, but I do n’t know why, the due date has passed for a week, and the stomach is still not moved. I feel so confused. I do n’t know how to calculate the due date?Is it not allowed before?

How many calculations are calculated during the due date?Is there any difference between our own calculation and the calculation method of the hospital?

1. Models for yourself

1. The last menstrual period+280 days

The beginning of the beginning of pregnancy starts from the day when sperm and eggs meet (or from the day when the fertilized eggs are in bed), but many times we can’t accurately know which day it is.

The general algorithm is to calculate from the last menstrual period, plus 280 days.

The due date calculated in this method is about 10%of pregnant women who have not moved in the due date for one week or two weeks.

2. The monthly number is to minus the monthly number of the last menstrual period.

The start time of menstruation is April to December, and the due date is (A-3) month (B+7)

If the last monthly period is August 18, then the due date is 5 (8-3) month 25 (18+7).

The time of menstruation is from January to March, and the due date is (A+9) month (B+7)

If the last monthly period is February 22, then the due date is 11 (2+9) month 29 (22+7)

3. Confirmation method of basic body temperature curve

Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature that continues to sleep for more than 3 hours, and immediately measured after waking up.

Generally, before ovulation, our body temperature remained at 36.1-36.3 ° C (low temperature period), and increased to 36.4-37 ° C (high temperature period) after ovulation.

After ovulation, if there is no conception, the medical examination will fall; if you are conceived, it will continue to be high until production.

The average temperature difference between the average body temperature period of the high temperature period is about 0.55 ° C. Generally, it must be accurately learned after 3-4 months of measurement, so this method is only suitable for people who have recorded the temperature for a long time.

2. Hospital computing algorithm

1. Calculate through ultrasound

Generally, if you are pregnant for five weeks, you can confirm whether you are pregnant and the state of the fetus through ultrasonic waves.

At this time, the length of the fetus can be calculated by determining the length of the fetus from the head to the fart (head and hip length).This method is generally suitable for people who do not know the irregular menstruation or usual menstrual cycle.

However, if you are pregnant for more than 12 weeks, the development of each fetus may be different. In addition, the error of the ultrasonic measurement and the interpretation of the ultrasonic picture of each doctor may be more than 1 week.

2. Measure the height of the bottom of the uterus

Some people cannot determine the last menstrual period and can use this method.This method is to calculate the due date by the size of the uterus, including the fetus.

The height of the uterine bottom refers to the distance from the pubic bone in front of the pelvis to the highest point of the uterus.Unless pregnant women who are particularly obese or too light weight are usually 20-31 weeks of pregnancy, the height of the uterine bottom is almost the same as the number of pregnancy weeks.In other words, at 21 weeks of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus is generally 21cm.Doctors often use this method to judge the state of fetal development.

The highest uterine bottom is when the nine months of pregnancy is about to be facing the basin, because the fetal bottom will become lower because the fetus goes down.Therefore, it is generally not recommended to calculate the due date alone, it is best to calculate the combination of ultrasonic inspection.

However, no matter which method is used, the due date is calculated, even if the actual delivery date is earlier or later than the due date, it is actually not worried.

Generally speaking, the first child is mostly later than the due date, and when there is a second child or a third child, it may be earlier than the due date.

The significance of calculating the expected period is that through this calculation of the development of the fetus, it is also convenient for pregnant women to properly adjust the pregnancy life.

When I and Fang Fang introduced these costs of the due date, she felt relieved and no longer worried.

When I was pregnant and had a daughter, I had a week in advance than the due date.Are you postponing or postponed?

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