What should I do if the pregnant mother diarrhea is diarrhea in summer?

The hot summer is a high incidence of gastrointestinal diseases.Pregnant mothers often have diarrhea, but because they are worried about hurting the fetus in a special period, they dare not use medicine. Diagnosis will also make people weak. Sometimes it will cause serious consequences.

1. The cause and harm of the diarrhea of pregnant women in summer

It is said that the cause of the diarrhea of pregnant women in summer is the most common is intestinal infection, and pathogenic microorganisms mainly include viruses, raw worms, dysentery, and Salmonella.In addition, diarrhea in the summer should also consider whether it is food poisoning.

2. What should I do if pregnant mothers have diarrhea?

If diarrhea, pregnant mothers should not eat for the time being, and should be appropriately replenished to make up for the loss of moisture and electrolytes lost due to diarrhea, especially potassium ions, and the lost calories should be replenished.At this time, you can cook some porridge that is easy to digest for pregnant mothers. If the situation is not very serious, it will generally be better in empty stomach.In addition, when the liquid is replenished, pay close attention to whether the baby’s condition is good, and whether there is a precursor to abortion or premature birth.

If the baby’s baby is abnormal, you should go to the hospital immediately. Do not care about it, avoid miscarriage or premature birth due to missed the best treatment time.If the possibility of miscarriage or premature birth has been excluded, then you can use the medicine carefully according to the specific degree of diarrhea.

What pregnant mothers should pay attention to: in addition to various adverse reactions, some commonly used antibiotics and antigen drugs may cause fetal malformations.For example, the commonly used metronidazole, an experiment with animals can obtain teratogenic effects, so during pregnancy, especially the first three months of pregnancy, it must not be used!

Other antibacterial drugs, such as sulfa, ketones, tetracyclines and other drugs, are not conducive to the health of mothers and fetuses, and it is also a disabled range.In order to solve the condition of pregnant women’s diarrhea, in fact, you can take a more reliable anti -diarrhea. For example, if glue, these drugs can absorb water, thereby reducing bowel movements, safe and effective, and can be used with confidence.

In addition, pregnant mothers can also take some micro -ecological preparations, which have the effects of adjusting the intestinal flora and righteousness to eliminate evil.

Which foods can’t be eaten?

Remember to drink juice and broth when you do not drink diarrhea.Because the juice contains too much sugar, and the soup such as beef soup and pork rib soup is too much sodium, these foods will make diarrhea more serious.In addition, the taboo foods during diarrhea also include milk and coffee (favorable diuretic effect, which will cause body fluid loss), crude fiber fruits and vegetables (poor gastrointestinal function during diarrhea, more difficult to digest), beans, onions and cabbage (these are easy to cause causeBiechia, abdominal colic) and so on.

In the summer, pregnant women have diarrhea and do not despise them. Do not take medicine without authorization. When the situation is serious, they should go to the hospital for treatment in time to strictly follow the doctor’s advice to ensure the safety of the baby and their own.

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