What should I do if the pregnant mother’s nipples appear?Do these 6 small things well

After women are pregnant, some changes will occur in all aspects of their bodies. Some women will have some white secretions when they are pregnant.Many people do not know what these secretions are caused by what is caused by, so they do not know how to deal with it correctly, causing physical discomfort.

So why does the pregnant mother’s nipples appear white secretions?

1. Montessor

1. After women, the level of hormone in the body will change, causing breasts to swell, and the fate of the areola will become deeper, and some Montessoric nodules will be produced on the nipple area.

2. With the increase of pregnancy time, a small number of people will secrete some milk, but this is normal and does not require too much treatment.

Second, excess milk

1. If the milk in the breast is too much and not emptied in time, it will slowly seep out at a certain stage. If it is not processed in time, it will cause the milk stack and form a white particles.

2. If the passage of the milk is not smooth, there will be inflammation and tumor phenomenon, which will also cause abnormal milk secretion. In a certain period of time, the nipple will produce white secretions.

Third, disease cause

If there is a problem with the nipples, such as the nipples are too small or there are internal trap, it affects breastfeeding, and it can also cause breasts to produce white secretions.

What should I do if the pregnant mother’s nipples appear?

1. Generally speaking, white secretions appear white in the nipples are normal, but you should pay attention to breast care and hygiene, such as wiping the nipple position with wet cotton cloth often.

2. When taking a bath, you can massage the nipple position appropriately to promote blood circulation and keep the nipple clean and clean.But don’t use it too hard, and don’t use some soaps and other substances to wash.

3. Pregnant women usually choose to choose a large and comfortable and cotton bra when choosing a bra. This can better promote blood circulation, it is conducive to breastfeeding, and reduce the production of secretions.

4. In normal life, you need to wipe the nipples, soy oil, etc. to reduce the infection of bacteria and reduce the abnormal secretion of milk.

5. Have a healthy eating habit, eat more nutrients, eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less fried, barbecue foods.

6. There must be a regular rest time, go to bed early and get up early, avoid staying up late, and maintain sufficient sleep. This can maintain the stability of the endocrine and reduce the abnormal secretion of hormones.

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