What should I do if the stomach pain? Pregnant mothers must be alert to these pains

Today, I will introduce to you what to do if the stomach pain in pregnant women?

What happened to stomach pain in three months of pregnancy

When I was three months pregnant, it was the most sensitive and worried period of pregnant mothers. At this time, the fetus was unstable and it was easy to cause abortion tires.Another problem is that many pregnant mothers will feel faintly painful during pregnancy. What is going on?

Three months of pregnancy, stomach pain may be physiological abdominal pain.Because with the growth of pregnancy time, the gradual increase of the uterus, and the role of hormones in the body may cause stomach pain when the pregnant mother occurs three months.

Generally, the physiological stomach pain is not serious, the attack time is short, and the pain is not obvious. In this case, pregnant women should not be too nervous. After three months, the stomach pain will be relieved.

Three months of pregnancy, stomach pain may be pathological abdominal pain

If there is more severe pain in three months of pregnancy, it is likely to be pathological abdominal pain.There are several reasons that may cause pathological abdominal pain when they are three months pregnant.

1. Ectopic pregnancy

If you are three months pregnant, if your stomach suddenly occurs on one side of the pain and continues to recur. In severe cases, you may also seek medical treatment when you spread to the entire abdomen.The three major symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are menopause, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, and severe shock will be severe.

In addition to ectopic pregnancy, threatened abortion also experiences severe stomach pain.

2. Unclean diet

If the pregnant woman eats cold and metamorphic foods at three months of pregnancy, it may also show severe pain due to intestinal spasm due to excessive stimulation of the food.

3. Acute inflammation

If the pregnant mother who is three months pregnant, if there is acute inflammation such as acute gastritis, acute gastroenteritis, and acute pancreatitis, it will also cause severe and persistent stomach pain. We must treat symptoms in time to avoid aggravating the condition and even cause abortion.

4. Uterine fibroids

In addition, if pregnant women suffer from uterine fibroids three months pregnant, they usually have local pain in a sudden stomach, and some are fixed in one place pain.This situation also needs to be treated in time.

In addition to uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts can also cause pain and discomfort in the stomach.

The pathological stomachache during pregnancy is caused by potential danger, no matter what causes, it is potentially dangerous. Pregnant moms must pay special attention to medical treatment in time.

Prevention of stomach pain in three months of pregnancy

Three months of pregnancy, stomach pain is a more common symptom in the early stages of pregnancy.Generally, we can help confirm the embryo bed in the ultrasonic inspection of pregnant women and increase the nutritional intake of pregnant women. The most important thing is that pregnant women must maintain a good mentality.

What should I eat if I eat in the early stages of pregnancy?

1. To ensure protein intake.You should choose high -quality protein that is easy to digest and absorbed, such as meat, milk, eggs, fish and soybean products.

2. Ensure the intake of minerals and vitamins.Choose all kinds of foods such as zinc, calcium, copper, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, and folic acid, such as meat, animal liver and kidney, sesame, milk, and beans.

3. Pay attention to the appropriate intake of carbohydrates and fats.The carbohydrates that provide energy during pregnancy are mainly derived from sweet potatoes, potatoes, yam, sucrose, and rice. Pregnant women should consume more than 150 grams of carbohydrate daily.Fat mainly comes from animal oil and edible oil. The exercise method and diet principle of pregnant women in the workplace in the workplace in the workplace workplace pregnant women’s exercise methods and dietary principles with oil, soybean oil, and peanut oil in oil are the main providers of energy.Vegetable oil is the ideal oil for cooking.

The causes of stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy are generally two types of stomach pain. The stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy should be treated in time.

What to do if I have stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy

Pregnant women’s uterus will gradually increase during embryonic development. At this time, pregnant women will have discomfort and feel stomachache, but this pain is often mild, so pregnant women do not have to worry too much.But if abdominal pain is in a burst, or a continuous lower abdomen pain, just like the pain before menstruation or during menstruation. At the same time, it is accompanied by vaginal bleeding, which may be a threatened abortion.

Uterine fibroid degeneration and other diseases can also make pregnant women feel stomachache.Therefore, if it is acute abdominal pain, you should go to the hospital in time to treat the symptomatic treatment to avoid deterioration or abortion of the disease.

So, what should I do if I want to prevent abnormal conditions?

The prevention of stomach pain in the early stages of pregnancy

Pay attention to fatigue, do not have too much activity in pregnant women before pregnancy, because it may cause a threatened abortion. If vaginal bleeding, stomach pain, etc.

Using drugs with caution, 3 months before pregnancy is the critical period of the development of the central nervous nervous of the fetus. Therefore, the use of drugs should be particularly careful.

Avoid radiation, the activity of the first three months of pregnancy is mainly to do not affect the development of the fetal nervous system. Therefore, if you have to take X -rays, you must also ask a doctor to radiate at the lowest dose, and remember to cover your stomach with a protective cover.

What should I do if my stomach pain is in the early stages of pregnancy?If an abnormal condition occurs, you must go to the hospital in time.

Pregnancy is a happy thing, and expectant mothers are carefully caring for babies who are developing their stomachs.The early pregnancy is the beginning of the fetal development. The embryo has just been formed to be easily affected by the outside world. Therefore, pay more attention in the early stages of pregnancy.Next, I will introduce 7 aspects that need to be paid attention to in the early stages of pregnancy.

7 things that need to be paid attention to in the early stages of pregnancy

1. Mood aspect

In the early days of pregnancy, you must pay attention to the happy mood.Due to psychological reasons after pregnancy, many pregnant women and mothers will have a bad temper or irritability. They are afraid of making trouble. In this way, you can choose to listen to light music or find a quiet place to rest.Husbands also have to perform, spend more time to accompany their wives, soothe, don’t make your wife angry, do something that wives like, pay more attention, so that your wife has a good mood every day.

2. Exercise

It is not advisable to do some severe exercise in the early stages of pregnancy. Pregnant women can take a walk in the morning and evening, but do not take too long, ensure that the body should not cause fatigue, just moderate, and ensure sufficient sleep.

3. Life during pregnancy

Moms who are already pregnant should try not to do the same room as much as possible in the early pregnancy. The fetus is very fragile in the early days. Do not leave a regret for abortion due to the negligence.In the early pregnancy, you can take a temporary bed to sleep to control your life.

4. Dietary aspect

In early pregnancy, the dietary habits of pregnant women may change, commonly known as noisy mouth.At this time, eat some light, digestible foods.Eat more vitamin rich fruits and vegetables to eat less greasy food.Get up every morning to pay attention to drinking water or milk.Pay attention to eating and eating less during your diet. Do not eat too much every time you eat.

5. Pregnancy environment

Due to the importance of early pregnancy, in addition to the attention of medication, the living environment is also very important.Except for mothers who cannot smoke and drink, it is best to stay away from the environment of smoking.To prevent the fetus hypoxia.Moms should not go to the environment of poor public places or factories with harmful gas emissions to stay away from fetal malformations caused by harmful gases and viruses.

6. Medication

Pay attention to medication in the early days of pregnancy, because this period is the most important period of the development of various organs of the fetus.If the mothers use the medicine blindly because of the illness, the medicine that the pregnant woman cannot take it will affect the development of the fetus, which can easily cause malformations.Therefore, mothers must take medicines under the guidance of a doctor if they need to take medicine in the early pregnancy.

7. Work aspect

Once you know that you know, early cultivation is important, so if possible, try not to work as much as possible, do not do too much physical labor, do not do it for too long if you work with your computer. Do not use when using your computer.Too long, wear radiation -proof clothing, take a vacation when necessary.

Conclusion: Every woman should be more comprehensive care and care when she is pregnant, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the baby is very unstable. Pregnant mothers need to pay more attention to their physical condition.Put your doctor!Usually understand these common sense during pregnancy. It is very helpful for expectant mothers. Remember to share it with good friends around you!

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