What should I do if the thyroid dysfunction is found after pregnancy?

Because thyroid hormones are very important for the growth and development of the fetus, thyroid function has been used as a regular examination item of obstetrics.There are often pregnant women who take the test sheet to the endocrinology department. "Doctor, the obstetrician said that my thyroid function is abnormal, let me come and see." "Do you want to take medicine? Is it impact on the fetus?"This problem is explained in detail.

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After pregnancy, it was found that the thyroid dysfunction was abnormal, and there were the following situations:

01. Clinical hypothyroidism

FT3, FT4 decreased, and TSH rose.This is the real hypothyroidism. You must immediately take thyroid hormones and check the thyroid function once in 2-3 weeks.It is necessary to meet the thyroid dysfunction in a short period of time to reduce the development of fetal development due to lack of thyroid hormones, especially the development of the fetal system and skeletal system of the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy.The regular alternative of thyroxine is safer to the fetus, and there will be no risk of teratogenic and miscarriage.

02. sub -clinical hypothyroidism

FT3, FT4 are normal, and TSH rises.This is divided into the following two situations: (1) TPO-AB or TG-AB antibody positive: TSH> 2.5 needs to supplement thyroid hormone.(2) TPO-AB or TG-AB antibody negative: TSH> 4 to supplement thyroid hormone.

03. Clinical hyperthyroidism

FT3, FT4 increased, TSH decreased.Because hyperthyroidism itself is harmful to the mother and the fetus, and anti -norcetic drugs also have certain side effects, both doctors and patients should fully discuss these potential risks, weigh the pros and cons, and make appropriate choices.

04. Asian clinical hyperthyroidism

FT3, FT4 are normal, TSH drops.This may be due to the increase in HCG during pregnancy. The TSH is too excessive. In this case, there is no need to take medicine. It only needs to be regularly reviewed by the thyroid function.

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