What should I do if the vitality is not enough?Experts of the Third Hospital of Bei Medical Hospitals, how to get pregnant scientifically

The cry of the baby in the delivery room announced that Mr. Wang and his wife finally fixed the positive results and successfully fulfilled the two -child dream.When the nurse pushed the mother and son out of the delivery room and walked to the ward, Mr. Wang introduced that from one year ago, he did not know when to see fertility, do not know what examinations and how to look at the results, to drug treatment, and then artificial insemination.For a long time, the long way to seek medical treatment has given their husband and wife a relatively complete understanding of fertility.I hope we will understand the medical problems that most couples will encounter from their storytelling stories.

When to go to the hospital to see fertility issues

Although there are a few Dike families now, it is not the mainstream of society after all.The thoughts of many children and blessings in Chinese traditional culture have deeply affected everyone.Although Mr. Wang and his wife already have a healthy baby, he always wants to have another.With the urging of his lover, Mr. Wang asked the leader to leave with the leader and came to the Third Hospital of Bei Medical.

The doctor asked in detail his condition and the results of the previous examination.The doctor learned that his lover was 35 years old and had been using condom contractions before. He had two children at first. The semen examination a year ago showed poor sperm vitality.The doctor told Mr. Wang that he should not do inspection and treatment in a hurry.

Mr. Wang was confused about this and asked the doctor what the basis was.Doctors patiently explained that the World Health Organization stipulated that both men and women did not take contraceptive measures, and their sexual life was normal. Because men’s factors were not influential for one year, they were defined as male infertility.Doctors diagnose this disease. Time is based on time, nor is it judged by indicators (such as sperm concentration, sperm vitality, etc.).Generally speaking, men and women do not take contraceptive measures within 1 year. As long as there are activity sperm in the semen, they can continue to be observed in theory.At present, the information shows that the probability of pregnancy for half a year is 75%; the probability of 1 year of pregnancy is 85%, and some information is 90%.Unless patients are absolute infertility (such as men’s azoospermia, etc.).If it is absolutely infertility, treatment should be started as soon as diagnosis.

In addition, fertility is closely related to age.The impact of age on men and women is different.Men or women reached the peak of fertility around the age of 25.Compared with young men 25, men over 40 years of age have reduced the probability of their spouse’s pregnancy within 1 year; men over 45 years old spend longer than 25 -year -old menMake your spouse pregnant.However, age has a greater impact on women’s fertility.By the age of 35, women’s fertility has dropped to 50%at the age of 25; at the age of 38, it is only 25%; less than 5%over 40 years old.Therefore, women are 35 or over 35 years old and have not taken contraceptive measures for more than half a year. They need to go to the hospital for treatment.

Mr. Wang’s lover is 35 years old and just started to prepare for a child.He used to be poor in sperm, but he had not reached the stage of secondary infertility. He should still be in the pregnancy preparation stage. At present, there is no need to do further examination and treatment.The doctor just opened a vitamin E capsule for Mr. Wang and told him some precautions for fertility.If you avoid smoke, do not drink too much wine, stay away from radiation and various harmful chemicals, do not wash sauna, do not wear tight underwear for a long time.The doctor also suggested that he exercise and lose weight.In addition, the doctor also asked Mr. Wang to increase the probability of pregnancy in the same room every two days in the middle of the menstrual period (about the ovulation day of women).

What to check for children

The process of Mr. Wang’s first child was smooth, but the situation of the second child changed.Although with the scientific guidance of a doctor, he still had no movement after half a year, so he asked for a doctor to see the doctor.This time the doctor asked him to do a semen examination and told him the precautions for the examination in detail: abstinence for 2 to 7 days.If the abstinence is too long, it may affect the vitality of sperm.Take the essence must be completely.Semen is a mixture, especially the high quality of the previous semen. If this part of the semen is lost, it has a great impact on the results of the entire analysis.

Examination results show that sperm concentration is 21 million, A -level sperm is 12%, Class B sperm is 10%, Class C sperm is 22%, C -class sperm 56%, normal form 4%.After seeing the result, the doctor told Mr. Wang that the current sperm analysis method is to adopt the 4th edition of the World Health Organization Manual for evaluation methods. There are three main indicators: sperm concentration (greater than 20 million/ml), vitality and form.Based on the ability of sperm activity, sperm is divided into A, B, C, and D -grade sperm.

A -level sperm activity is good, fast forward movement;

B -level sperm activity is average, slow forward movement;

C -level sperm can only be exercise;

D -level sperm is not moving.

In normal semen, the proportion of class A sperm is ≥25%or Class A + B ≥50%, and the form is greater than 4%.

The doctor took the test results to further explain to Mr. Wang. The result showed that the sperm concentration was normal and the vitality was poor. It was a typical weak sperm.Regarding the classification of weak sperm disease, 30%≤A Class + B <50%is mild weak sperm, 10%≤A + B <30%is moderate weak sperm, Class 1%≤A + C type B <<10%is severe weak sperm.Mr. Wang is 22%of Class A + B, and it should be moderate weak sperm.

Why is the treatment process long and difficult

The doctor diagnosed Mr. Wang for secondary male infertility and weak sperm disease, and told the treatment plan.The first choice is drug treatment, naturally pregnant.If you have not been pregnant for a while, you need to consider artificial insemination.The couple of Mr. Wang made a renamed reproductive technology, but the doctor asked him to treat drugs first.Seeing them puzzled this, the doctor said that the treatment principles of all diseases in medicine are the same. The treatment methods are from simple to complex, from no trauma treatment to trauma treatment.Due to simple drug treatment, low cost and no trauma, drug treatment should be taken first.

The occurrence cycle of human sperm is 70 to 74 days.Drug therapy is almost all experienced drugs, and there are no special effects of drugs.Therefore, the treatment of drugs for 1 to 2 sophisticated periods, that is, 3 to 6 months. If the efficacy is not good, it is necessary to consider supplementary reproductive technology, such as artificial insemination or IVF babies.If you still want to try drug treatment at this time, the possibility of achieving the goal is very small.

After 3 months of drug treatment, although the main indicators of Mr. Wang’s semen have risen, his lover is still not pregnant.So the doctor asked him to do an upstream experiment.The upstream experiment is to evaluate whether there are enough active sperm in semen.After Mr. Wang’s test results came out, the doctor said that his sperm complied with the standard of artificial insemination of the former Ministry of Health, that is, artificial insemination in the uterine cavity: the total number of forward sports sperm (A+B) is more than 10 million;: The total number of front movement sperm (A+B) is more than 20 million, so he can do artificial insemination.

With the help of a male doctor, Mr. Wang finally fulfilled his two -child dream.He told the doctor that many families will be like me. As long as they get professional and standardized treatment, they will definitely realize the dream of children.

Text/Tang Wenhao, the Third Hospital of Peking University, Jiang Hui

Edit/Guan Zhongyao

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