What should I do if the weather is too hot?Cold

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After entering the Sanfu Tian, the temperature rose straight.

The weather is getting hotter, and many people feel poorly appetite and lose their appetite.Do you want to throw the pot?Drinking on flowers, lying down at night?nonexistent!Real food, dare to face the hot life.

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to "medicine and food". There are many "medicines and foods" in daily life. The use of cold mixing methods can not only eliminate the suffering of "fried fire", but also appetite.

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Zhao Jing, the director of the Chinese Medicine of Chaohui Street Community Health Service Center in Gongshu District, teaches you a few cold dishes. It is easy to learn. Come and try it.

Cold cabbage heart

Materials: 200 grams of cabbage heart, white vinegar and white sugar each in moderation.

Method: Wash the heart of cabbage, cut it into shreds, pour white vinegar, sprinkle with sugar, and mix well to eat.

Efficacy: Cabbage is sweet, flat, can clear the heat of the stomach, eliminates the energy of the food, the urination of the traffic, and the anti -inflammatory sputum.Especially when the stomach heat is hot, the alcohol and meat is too much, the stomach heat is hot, and the spleen and stomach dampness and heat contains the internal container, often eating this dish can effectively prevent and improve the constipation and various types of fire inflammation caused by the stomach and stomach heat.

Mix with double melon

Ingredients: 150 grams each of bitter gourd, cucumber, 15 grams of raw soy sauce, vinegar each, 3 grams of peppercorns, and the right amount of sugar.

Method: Bitter gourd, wash, shred, cooked; wash and shred cucumber.Put the plate, add raw soy sauce, vinegar, sugar.Pour the oil in the pot and heat it, add the peppercorns to sauté, pour it on Shuanggua, mix well to eat.

Efficacy: bitter gourd taste bitter, cold.It can clear heat and detoxify, and is often used for fever and thirst, enteritis, dysentery, blood in the stool, and scabies.Cucumber is sweet and cold.It can clear the heat and diuretic, which is often used for thirst and urination.The two can use the stomach fire, dehumidify and heat, and eliminate bloating.However, because the two are cold, those with spleen and stomach deficiency should not eat more.

Cold celery rot skin

Materials: 200 grams of celery, 100 grams of tofu skin, 50 grams of red bell pepper, vinegar, salt, chicken essence, sesame oil.

Method: Clean the celery, cooked, shredded; tofu skin bubble, shred it after simmering; washed red sweet peppers, shredded.The above materials are mixed with the feed and mix well.

Efficacy: Celebrity is cold, returning to the liver and stomach meridians, can flatten the liver and cool blood, clear heat and dampness, and is often used in body heat and thirst, vomiting, diarrhea and hypertension.Cross -yuba, also known as rotten skin, is a soy product that clears heat and detoxify.However, it also has the effect of "sliding tires", so those with spleen and stomach deficiency and pregnant women should not be eaten.

Then eat it soon, otherwise the cold dishes should be inspired!

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