What should I do if there are signs of miscarriage?These preventive measures and treatment methods have been known early

Abortion often occurs in the early stages of pregnancy. It refers to the end of pregnancy 28 weeks ago and less than 1,000 grams of fetus.

The main symptoms are vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.

Abortion can be divided into natural abortion and artificial abortion.

Today we will talk about the topics of "natural abortion".

How to prevent signs of miscarriage?

Abortion can be avoided to a certain extent. As long as pregnant women are actively preventing, they will be able to give birth to their babies safely.

1. Avoid heavy physical labor and intense exercise, pay attention to rest, and life must be regular.

2. Keep your mood comfortable, excessive tension and emotional instability will only affect the development of the fetus.

3. Pay attention to reasonable X life.In the first three months, X life should be avoided, and X life of unreasonable posture should be avoided in the second trimester.

4. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals, such as lead, mercury, benzene, etc.; Also should also avoid bacterial infections and go to place with less people.

In addition, pay attention to radiation of radioactive substances.

5. Avoid abuse of drugs. If you are sick, you can use medicine under the guidance of a doctor. Do not make your own claims and abuse drugs.

6. Learn to protect yourself and avoid external force damage.

7. Actively prevent infectious diseases and various chronic diseases.

8. Regularly go to the hospital for examination.

Clinically, according to different types of abortion, different treatment methods are used, as follows:

1. Breakal abortion

Lutenone therapy, patients with insufficient abortion caused by luteal function, can internalinone in the muscle, 20 mg/time, 1 time/day, has a tire -keeping effect.

Patients with low thyroid function can also take vitamin E and thyroid tablets.

For patients who have been treated for two weeks, the symptoms are still not alleviated, and even patients who worsen the embryo may be abnormal. They can be checked by B -ultrasound and handled them accordingly.

While using drug treatment, we should rest in bed. Life is strictly prohibited to eliminate the emotions of patients with tension and stability, and enhance confidence.

2. Excessive abortion

Once diagnosis is confirmed, the uterine cavity content should be removed as soon as possible, so that the embryo and placenta tissue should be completely discharged.

Early abortion can pass negative pressure.In advanced abortion, 10 mcburnes can be added to 5 % glucose liquid with 10 mcs contralated.

After the fetus and the placenta are discharged, a careful examination should be performed, and if necessary, the palace should be creeped to remove the pregnancy products remained in the uterine cavity.

3. Increased abortion

It should be scraped in time to scrape it to remove the tissue remaining in the uterine cavity.

If the patient bleeds more and is accompanied by shock, blood transfusion, infusion, and shock treatment should be treated at the same time.

In addition, patients with long bleeding time should be given antibiotics prevention infection.

4. Complete abortion

If there is no infection signs, special treatment is generally not required.

5. Get used to abortion

Uachinone therapy, habitual abortion of unknown causes can be treated according to insufficient luteal function.In -muscle injection of progesterone can be used, 20 mg of injections, once a day, or oral allyol tablets, 1 tablet each time, 3 times a day.

You can also choose oral vitamin E100 mg, 3 times a day.

While drug treatment, patients should also rest in bed, and it is strictly forbidden to live in X and stabilize emotions.


For patients with early abortion, if you can not scrape it due to adhesion and mechanization, you can scrape the palace again after 5-7 days to prevent the uterus from perforation.

During the operation, the injection of the injecting palace shrinkage can be matched.

For patients with advanced abortion, a shrinkin can be selected: 500 ml of 5 % glucose injection, 10-20 mg of citrus injection, or 10 units of in-muscle injection citrus injection, 2 times a day.

In addition, in order to improve the sensitivity of uterine muscle, estrogen can also be taken for patients, such as 1 mg of oral estradiol, twice a day.Or take 5 milligrams of heenne, 3 times a day for 3 days.

Finally, while treating, the blood routine and coagulation should be checked and prepared for blood transfusion.

7. Abortion infection

For infected patients, antibiotics can be selected according to bacterial culture and drug sensitivity tests, and medication is combined during unconditional training.

Penicillin and other cephalosporins are usually used, such as 500 ml of physiological saline injection+1.2 million U of penicillin sodium injection, 2 times a day.

Or 500 ml of 5 % glucose injection+160,000 U of a celebrities injection.

Or 20 ml of physiological saline+2 grams of cephalosporin sodium, intravenous injection, twice a day.

For patients with pelvic infections, metronidazole can be selected, and intravenous injection of 0.2 % metronidazole injection 250 ml, 2 times a day.

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