What should I eat for pregnant women? You can try these 6 kinds of food

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s diet will change a lot. At first, it may be due to the pregnancy reaction of early pregnancy.The symptoms of bloating are normal.So, what should pregnant women eat?You can try 6 kinds of food.

1. 6 kinds of dietary ostelating foods

1. Barley porridge or rice soup

Barley porridge and rice soup are very good for problems such as flatulence, exhaust and stomach burning. Use 5 copies of water and one portion of rice (valley or barley) to boil for 10 minutes.Cover the pot and simmer for 50 minutes.After cooling, drink several times a day to help eliminate flatulence.

2. Diluted vinegar

Use a tablespoon of pure apple cider vinegar and a glass of water to help digestion.You can also drink a cup of lemonade when you get up in the morning. It also has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal motility to avoid gas production in time.

3, roses make tea

Putting a few petals during tea has a smooth effect. Those who do not have tea habits can soak rose to drink alone, or insert the aroma rose in the vase of the room. Breathing into the flower fragrance can also be smooth.

4. Lotus root

It can be ventilated, can also strengthen the spleen and stomach, nourish the heart and the spirit, and it is also a good product.It is best to cook with boiled or porridge.

5. Hawthorn

Hawthorn is good at relieving pain and relieving food, and custody. It is suitable for chest and abdomen caused by qi and food.

6. High -fiber food

Increase the amount of fiber in the diet to maintain health, and it should start with a small amount to gradually adapt the intestines, which can reduce flatulence.Because high -fiber foods can promote gastrointestinal motility, it can promote the discharge of gas during the peristalsis.High -fiber foods such as white, leeks, spinach, celery, loofah, coriander, radish, etc.

Second, the pregnant woman’s belly is swollen, what can I not eat

1. Soybean

Soy beans contain high -quality protein and lecithin, rich in nutrition, healthy body, especially suitable for women.However, oligosaccharides such as waterproof sugar in soybeans, which are easily fermented by microorganisms in the intestinal content of pregnant women, and then produce gas, which will aggravate the symptoms of flatulence of pregnancy.Therefore, pregnant women who have poor digestive function should eat less soybeans.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage contains rich cellulose, inorganic salts and vitamins, as well as a variety of trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, etc., which has the effect of removing irritability.However, cabbage also has the characteristics of the typical plants of the family, which is easy to cause flatulence.Therefore, pregnant women who have flatulence in their stomachs should also eat less cabbage.

3, rye

Beltas is rich in starch, protein, vitamin B and phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients.However, the rich fructose, β-polystein, Arabic glycosutra, and pentagon in the rye bran, especially the rye bran, are difficult to absorb by the intestines of pregnant women, which will cause the pregnancy of pregnancy stomachs.Therefore, pregnant women should also pay attention to the intake of other whole wheat foods.

4, sugar cane

Sugarcane can defeat the fire, but sugarcane contains a variety of sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose. These sugar is easy to produce in the intestinal content of the pregnant woman. In addition, sugarcane is sweet and cold, which will aggravate the occurrence of flatulence in pregnancy.In addition, sugarcane should contain too much sugar, which can easily increase acid metabolism in pregnant women and affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, even pregnant women who are not flatulence should eat less sugarcane as much as possible.

What should pregnant women eat?You can eat some digestive foods appropriately, pay attention to reducing the consumption of flatulence consumption

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