What should I eat when I am pregnant?Pregnant women may be a crowd who has received the most dietary suggestions

This article is published in the 29th of 2018, "Sanlian Life Weekly", the original title "What should I eat when I am pregnant"

Wen/Sun Xin

(Picture Xie Yifei)

Pregnant women may be a crowd who has received the most diet.Once a woman is pregnant, everyone around her will immediately become nutritional experts and eugenics researchers, giving a lot of suggestions for what to eat and what should not eat.People generally have the mentality of "I would rather be confident that they are unbelievable". I think that since I have heard of this statement, I should tell you that maybe it is useful to you.

This idea itself can be said to be good attentive, there is nothing wrong, but a little scrutiny knows that you can’t stand at all.As the saying goes, "care is chaotic", that is, when people are full of care, they will lose their common sense, talk about strange truths, and hope that others will accept it.

Pregnant women are nutritional practitioners, but they are not only influenced by themselves, but also a fetus who is completely passive to receive nutrition from the mother.The mother is responsible for her child, so everyone around the mother mobilized spontaneously and became the theoretical Shennong family.Shennong tastes Baicao to tell people what can be used as food and which can cure diseases.The most loved to talk about pregnant women is not good for pregnant women while preferring to eat, rather than what daily foods are good for pregnant women, and should be encouraged to eat more.I rarely see someone writing long articles to demonstrate that pregnant women should eat more salt and pepper ridges and miscellaneous grain nest.The more people like to eat, the more dangerous to pregnant women, such as crabs, watermelon, hot pot, ice cream.

Pregnancy production is a complicated mysterious process.The more mysterious processes, the more people believe that the magical magic can change it.Science was born in the process of continuous trial and error, but it does not mean that the process of trial and error is science.Fang Hongjian’s father in "Siege" studied medical skills after leisurely, and did not dare to hang the pulse of the crisis patients, but it was interesting to copy the recipe in the newly edited "New Correction of the Fang" to the pregnant daughter -in -law.The road is "one piece of tofu skin, don’t chopped it, and swallow the soy sauce sesame oil."Mr. Fang believes that this recipe is very reasonable, because sesame oil and tofu skin are slippery, the children in the tire are slippery, it is easy to go down to the ground, and it is not difficult to give birth.Fraser’s masterpiece "Golden Branch" divides magic into two categories: contact magic and imitation magic.It is believed that the fetus will use the "slip" of tofu skin and sesame oil rather than other attributes. This is a typical imitation magic thinking. It is the same idea as I believe that pregnant women eat rabbits.Will it be a sprint star?

The food of pregnant women unanimously praised on the Internet is a bird’s nest. The reason is probably self -evident that "the fire is rotten to the pig’s head, and the money comes to advertising."Suddenly, there are many swallows in Southeast Asia, full of micro -business shelves to meet the extremely abstract and expanding nourishing needs of the rich.As far as material is concerned, the nourishment effect of bird’s nest is far worse than that of braised pork.Yuan Mei all said, "Chicken, duck, fish, and heroes, people of sea cucumber bird’s nest."If you believe in imitation magic, the children born to eat more bird’s nest should be pale, soft and translucent gel -like, how terrible this is.

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