What should I pay attention to during pregnancy, maintain a good body to give birth to high -quality babies

Being a baby is a big event for the family, and it is also a moment when every woman is happy and happy. How to correctly maintain her body during pregnancy has become a topic that every woman cares about.Pregnant women have some necessary common sense and correction of some behavior habits. They must pay attention to eating, wearing, living, and transportation, but they do n’t have to worry too much, relax, correctly understand themselves during pregnancy, and wait for the baby to come with peace of mind!

Symptoms of pregnancy

During pregnancy, the breasts will gradually become larger, the color becomes darker, and the blood vessels on the stomach are protruding. Some pregnant women will have symptoms of vomiting or trapped. These are normal.In the medium term, the belly will gradually increase, and the weight will increase. 2 to 4 kg will be a normal range. The weight growth should be controlled too quickly, because it is not good for the fetus.Pregnant women’s skin will also cause pigment precipitation due to their children, and the skin will look a little dull.

What are the aspects of attention when you are pregnant

1 Bathing time

Women are usually weak during pregnancy. When taking a bath, try to avoid bathing for too long, because the water vapor in the bathroom is easy to cause hypoxia, dizziness, and collapse.If the uterine muscle contraction is severe, it can easily cause miscarriage.

2 Avoid staying up late and emotional uneasy

Staying up late for a long time to the human body is greatly damaged, especially for pregnant women. Staying up late leads to the disorders of the biological clock and reduce growth hormones. It is not good for the growth and development of the fetus. In addition, pregnant women must learn to coordinate their emotions.It is also beneficial to the baby. Do n’t be irritable or angry for the baby ’s health.

3 Do not move significantly

Pregnant women can exercise appropriately to enhance their physical fitness, but do not be too large, and should not do relatively severe exercise. When traveling, you can choose to walk slowly or do some soothing gymnastics exercises, which is helpful to prevent abortion.In addition, you should remind others not to touch themselves, such as patting yourself on your shoulders, and try not to let yourself go to the crowd.

4 Wearing and living habits

Pregnant women become a little bit of weight, and they should be loose to wear, and try to wear pants as much as possible to prevent the cold of the wind.If you wear jewelry during pregnancy, you should not make up and spray perfume.In terms of lifestyle habits, pregnant women should use radiation electronic products such as mobile phones and computers as little as possible!In terms of diet, because pregnant women are prone to vomiting, you can prepare some apricot and sour plums around you. Eat more nut foods, and you must follow the nutrition.Less.

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