What should I take for a dog?

Dogs are not just pets that accompany us, but also exist as their family.

When his dog is pregnant, in addition to the arrival of a new life, he also has the blame of how to expect the mother of the dog during pregnancy. Therefore, the owner must first learn some professional knowledge.

You know that the feeding of dogs will directly affect the future development of the dog.

Next, let’s learn the nursing knowledge of the dog mother together:

1–30 days, at this time, the dog mother has just determined to be pregnant. Do not let the dog mother exercise violently. Otherwise, it will easily cause the dog’s abortion.Or foods with too high nutrients such as eggs.

At this time, the baby’s baby has not been fully developed, and the nutritional babies feeding cannot be absorbed. They are absorbed by the dog mother, which will cause the dog’s mother to be fat and affect production.

31-45 days, during this period, the amount of mothers of dogs need to be increased, which is to increase the opportunity to take a walk out for a walk.Proper exercise helps the dog’s health, and the production will be more smooth.

Then you need to pay attention to increasing nutrition. You can add meat, eggs, yogurt, etc. to the food, but you must be less. Otherwise, the dog baby absorbs too much nutrition and grows too fast to cause difficulty in giving birth.

46-60 days, when you enter the late pregnancy, you must change the feeding. You need to feed less meals.Because at this time, the dog’s nutritional loss will be very fast, so you must add enough protein.

In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the dog mother has a certain amount of exercise, so that it will not be obese and cause dystocia.

Special attention: Dog mother will have a loss of appetite before giving birth. At this time, do not force the dog to feed the dog. Just feed the water. This can reduce the burden on the stomach and the dog’s production.

In addition, as a sheep milk powder supplemented by the dog mother, it is very important to choose.Because at this time, the calcium and nutrients in the dog’s body will be particularly lost, and sheep milk powder is very important.

The foods for feeding dogs must be fresh, and they must not have any mold or deterioration. The food should not be too hot, it will affect appetite, and it should not be too cold.Therefore, the food of the dog is best based on dog food. This topic will not be expanded here. Interested pets, you can click below to find out

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Conclusion: Have you taken a small notes during pregnancy care?

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