What should pregnant women eat sore throat?How to prevent sore throat of pregnant women?

The novice mothers who are pregnant with babies can be said to be careful during pregnancy, and they cannot be neglected.If the pregnant woman’s throat is sore, it cannot be compared with ordinary people.So the question comes. What is better to eat when pregnant women eat sore?How can I do better to prevent pregnant women from getting sick?

1. What are the reasons for the sore throat of pregnant women?

I believe that everyone has experienced sore throat. Most people think they are caused by cold, but if the pregnant woman’s throat is sore, the reason can be big or small.It may be because of a cold, or it may be because of changing their eating habits, which leads to a series of small diseases.

2. What should pregnant women eat sore throat?

1. Rinse more mouths and drink plenty of water

If you just have a slight sore throat and dry itching, you don’t have to go to a doctor. You can try to rush your mouth with thick salt water first.Because salt can eliminate inflammation and sterilization, it can also relieve the swelling and pain in the throat.Rinse your mouth 5 to 8 times a day, which can obviously reduce the symptoms of sore throat.Drinking more warm water is also very important. Drink plenty of water, urinate more, and can detoxify more, effectively clean up the residual toxins in the body.

2. Drink more nutritious soup water

If pregnant women have sore throat due to a cold, they should first supplement nutrition and improve their immune ability.This is why the elderly often stew the soup for pregnant women during pregnancy.Of course, some nutritious soups are easy to absorb, such as bone soup and chicken soup, which is not only good for pregnant women’s body, but also conducive to the fetus’s absorption of nutrition.

3. Eat more fruits

Due to changes in eating habits after pregnancy, some diseases can also be caused.The main reason is that the nutritional matching is uneven, which is likely to cause fire and cause sore throat.At this time, the most important thing is to go to the fire. It can allow pregnant women to eat more fruits that nourish yin and throat, such as grapes, bananas, watermelons, etc. These fruits have a good effect of reducing fire.

3. How to prevent sore throat of pregnant women?

Do not take any drugs during pregnancy, otherwise it will affect the development of the fetus.The key to preventing pregnant women’s throat is to improve the immunity of pregnant women, at the same time allow pregnant women to supplement balanced nutrition, but also keep the indoor air smooth.

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