What skin care products can pregnant mothers use it? Let the skin become yellow?

I believe that many pregnant moms have such troubles. During pregnancy, the skin becomes worse. I want to use skin care products, but I am afraid that it will affect the healthy development of the fetus.Don’t have both.As long as you choose the appropriate skin care products, it can not only satisfy the heart of the beautiful mother, but also reduce the impact on the fetus.

So how to choose skin care products for pregnant women?The product needs to be in line with the following:

1. Choose a brand with high security

Nowadays, the skin care products on the market are full of dazzling, and some skin care products contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury, hormone, etc., which will cause fetal malformations and newborn in infant products. MercuryBrain edema.The selected maternal and infant supplies should be based on the premise of safe maintenance and mild moisturizing. It is best to have skin care products with more pure natural ingredients.At this time, it is necessary to distinguish the brand with quality assurance, the quality is guaranteed, and it is more assured to use it. If you are usually a sensitive skin, you must pay more attention to the choice of the product.

2. Select professional targeted products

Many pregnant women mistakenly believe that baby’s skin care products are the safest, neither toxic nor harm.However, skin care products of infant products are designed according to the baby’s own skin characteristics. The main component is mostly glycerin. It cannot supplement the nutrients and moisture required by the skin of pregnant women.Moreover, the incident of Johnson & Johnson’s baby supplies some time also fully shows that infant supplies are not safe, so it is recommended to choose professional maternal skin care products to care for their skin.In view of the particularity of pregnancy, pregnant women must be cautious when choosing skin care products. Skin care products selected during pregnancy must not contain hormones and chemical composition that is harmful to the fetus.So it is best to select products with gentle pure plants.There are also cold plants in Chinese medicine that are not suitable for pregnant women, so pay attention when choosing.In addition, it is better to contain vitamin E for pregnant women.

3. Naturally not irritating, the effect is better

Because the skin will become sensitive during pregnancy, the use of skin care products that usually use may have an impact on the baby, and it is also easy to cause pregnant women’s skin to not adapt.Skin care products used by pregnant women should not contain any chemical additives and have no harm to the human body and baby.Usually plant extraction or cosmetic products.

4, daily care is essential, love love and hot mom is not a problem

Various problems with expectant mothers’ skin, so they should also pay attention to sun protection. Of course, daily moisturizing work cannot be ignored.Sunscreen products cannot be used randomly. Be sure to cover the special products of pregnant women, or use umbrellas, hats, clothing, masks, etc. to cover.It is recommended to choose skin care products for pregnant mothers.In addition, shower gel, shampoo, body milk, the most needed to choose a special type of pregnant mothers, not only safe, but also skin care.

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