What skin care products can pregnant women use

What skin care products can pregnant women use

1. Kangaroo Mommy

Kangaroo maternal pregnant women’s skin care products are mainly maternity skin care products mainly based on wheat germ series. The raw materials are in Australia.It is developed for the physical fitness of Asian women and the physique of women during pregnancy, which is incomparable with other foreign brands.

Recommendation: Kangaroo Mom Wheat Merblag Skin Care Series.

This series preferred non -genetically organic organic wheat germ extract essence, has the effect of hydrating and moisturizing, obvious water locking effect, and has a good effect on the skin’s long -term moisturizing; rich natural VE can effectively fight skin aging.

2. Parent

The skin care products of pro -moisturizing pregnant women come from soybeans and rice that are eaten daily, the skin care products of the soy milk series and the rice series are delicious, mild and not irritating, which is conducive to soothing the pressure of pregnant women. It is suitable for the skin of women in Asian pregnancy.Good choice.

Recommendation: pro -moisturizing bean milk skin care series.

This series is the introduction of Japanese beans, the first original ecological pregnant girls’ skin care products.The product has meticulous nourishing and deep hydration, which can fully meet the skin needs during pregnancy, and regulate the skin problems during pregnancy.

3. Dr.Soins

Dr.Soins is a special skin care brand for Grape Seed Preparation. It advocates that people are close to nature. They focus on providing "safe, gentle, natural and healthy" skin care and spiritual care for the mothers of pregnancy, so that pregnant mothers can enjoy perfect pregnancy.

Recommended: Dr.Soins grape seed face care series.

Grape seed extract was one of the most efficient antioxidants found so far. It is 50 times the antioxidant activity and 20 times the vitamin C. It can effectively remove the toxic free radicals in the human body.A variety of effects such as beauty and beauty and nutrition and health care.

4. Fiverams

Wuyang is the chief brand of the first company, and the only self -produced maternity and baby cosmetics brand in the country.The selection of primary ecological raw materials that are most suitable for Chinese pregnant and infants in the world, perfectly combine German high -tech research and development results with Chinese maternity and infant skin research.

Recommendation: Wooden -for -white spots for five sheep during pregnancy.

It has five major effects such as whitening, antioxidant, removing free radicals, increasing collagen synthesis and excellent skin conduction performance; delaying aging of light, sunburn, and inhibitory littering erythema formation.


All the products of Yaei Mits are organic cultivated plants as raw materials, such as calamus, chamomile, witch plums, aloe vera, etc., using advanced technology to extract unique beautiful genes.In order to get rid of the dry skin of the pregnant mother, it is a good choice for the ace nourishing and nourishing series recommended by the Azhisi Maternal Maternity Skin Care, which is recommended by many skin care experts during pregnancy, is a good choice.

Recommended: Skin Care for Skin Care for Main Maternal Maternity (Moisturizing and Moisturizing).

It can effectively solve the deep dryness, dullness and spots, pregnancy patterns, hydrocholidal and acne, and aging and multi -patterns of pregnant women.Contains sodium hyaluronic acid, seaweed sugar, cotton fruit oil, sweet apricot oil and calamus.Rapid absorption in 3 seconds, 9 roasting and hydrating water.

6. Pregnancy treasure (yummymummy)

Pregnant skin treasure focuses on the professional skin care field of pregnancy, and selects the safest ingredients. Based on the "skin cell activity cycle technology" as the basic principle, the cell growth environment of imitation interproofal solution is created on the surface of the skin surfaceSelf -protection and repair functions, thereby reducing the damage caused by changes in maternal mothers due to hormonal secretion.

Recommendation: Three -piece setting of classic moisturizing and hydrating of pregnant skin.

The product is colorless, natural, natural, without any additives, and uses Columbia Glacier Water in Canada, a must -have product during pregnancy.

7. Annunciation

October Angel "" The basic concept of "professional products, special care, safe use, and assured care" is based on the skin’s nutrient structure and safety professional formulation during the pregnancy of Oriental women’s pregnancy.Professional formulas are used to balance the nutrients required for skin cells during the pregnancy period, strengthen skin microcirculation functions, and provide comprehensive and professional scientific care for the skin during pregnancy.

Recommendation: October Angel Pregnant Maternal Skin Care Set (Moisturizing and Moisturizing).

It can effectively protect the structure of epidermal cell membrane, activate cells, condition the skin; increase skin nutrition supply; improve skin nutrition metabolism; protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and pollution damage.

8. Jingqi (JOYNCLEON)

More than 90%of Jingqi products are natural organic ingredients, without any animal raw materials and their derivatives.Professional research and development, the whole process of sterile production, without adding any harmful chemicals, its product use safety is the highest in the industry’s skin care products.

Recommendation: Jingqi Maternity Skin Care Set (Moisturizing and Moisturizing).

Jingqi pregnant women’s skin care products are mainly made of natural hexagonal water. Hexagonal water is extremely close to the molecular structure of human cell water. It can be quickly absorbed by the skin, incorporate blood, and activate cells.For more than 30 or more, it can quickly decompose and eliminate toxins in the body, promote metabolism, and delay cell aging.

9. l (Elsker)

This series of products develops and designed the design and development of mummy and 0-6-year-old infant 0-6-year-old infant. It fits the different skin types of mummy and baby girls in the birth period., Do not add artificial synthetic flavors, pigments, and mineral oils. The main ingredients use imported raw materials to ensure the safety and zero side effects of the product.

Recommendation: 孕 Pregnant women’s skin care products (moisturizing and hydration)

It can enhance elasticity and meticulous pores. It is an ideal pH value.

10. Jin Yunjiao

Jin Yunjiao is a special skin care brand for radiation -proof pregnant women developed by Shanghai Xirong Women’s and Infant Products Co., Ltd.Jin Yunjiao’s series of products use natural plants as raw materials, capture natural wisdom, integrate technology essence, and use confidential formulas to bring consumers with safe, high -quality and professional pregnant women’s skin care products.The body makes them healthier and more confident, exuding beautiful glory from the inside to the outside.

Recommended: Jin Yunjiao’s pregnant women’s skin care products (moisturizing and hydration).

Moisturizing and hydrating, mild and moisturizing, olive oil formula, natural plant ingredients.

Good pregnant women’s skin care products must be extracted by pure plants. It does not contain fragrance, pigment -free, mineral oil, pure natural ingredients, and weak acidity. Basically, there is no side effect of pregnant women to be a good pregnant woman skin care products.It is recommended that pregnant women must use a specialized skin care brand to care for their skin. Remember to not use skin care products such as lead and mercury and other substances.

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