What to do after pregnancy?Acceptable dental therapy guide at different stages of pregnancy

When I encounter toothache and other situations during pregnancy, it is really very distressed, because there is a baby in my stomach, I dare not take medicine easily ~ ╭ (╯^╰) ╮

Before you go to the hospital, you are worried that the doctor will not help you look good … and when you are pregnant, get into the door of the mouth, and tell the tears when you are tortured by the toothache you encounter, the decent doctor said lightly.deal with".Do you feel going to collapse!

"Why do the doctor perfunctory me (T ㅅ t)", haha, don’t worry, today I want to tell you that in fact, there is a principled treatment for oral diseases during pregnancy!The doctor is by no means simply help you look at it ~

Early pregnancy: the first 3 months of pregnancy

Three months before pregnancy, embryo organs began to differentiate, which is a sensitive period of teratogenic. In order to avoid the impact of bacterial leather disease caused by the mothers of pregnant mothers and oral surgery, it is generally not appropriate to do tooth extraction and root canal.Treatment such as dental surgery.During this period, dental doctors should do a good job in the collection of oral examinations and related information of pregnant mothers, and keep in touch with patients at any time to guide patients to prevent knowledge and measures to prevent oral diseases in a timely manner to prevent further aggravation of accent diseases.

Can be treated:

1. The severe portphritis and Zhou Yan Zhou Yan should be opened in time to eliminate pain, eliminate pain, avoid stimulation of severe pain to fetal baby, and cause miscarriage.

2. The wisdom toothy crown inflammation that causes facial swelling and severe gingivitis should be cleaned and applied to the spread of inflammation. In addition, the mouth environment is cleaned with mouthwash.

3. Use drugs if necessary to avoid causing systemic infections.

In the middle of pregnancy: 4 to 6 months of pregnancy, the embryo organs have been developed, the baby is not large, and the pregnant mothers are more convenient. It is the best period for conventional dental therapy.Under normal circumstances, pregnancy mothers can do some urgent need to deal with dental disease, but it is not advisable to perform oral treatment surgery.

Can be treated:

1. Dental Care

2. Jiezhi

3. Dental caries

4. Wedding shortage filling

5. Installation treatment of pulp and peculiar thorough inflammation

Late pregnancy: the last 3 months of pregnancy

The development of the baby 3 months after pregnancy has accelerated compared with the midterm, the volume of the baby is significantly increased, the mothers of pregnant mothers are inconvenient, and the probability of pregnancy complications in this period increases.Some pregnant mothers have some organs who are oppressed by fetal baby. Pregnant mothers often experience leg edema and frequent urination, and their activities are restricted.The supine posture of pregnant mothers in the dental therapy chair can easily compress the fetal baby’s vein, which makes the blood backstand in poor blood pressure.In addition, some pregnant mothers are afraid of dental treatment.Or seeing a sense of fear of dental device, some pregnant mothers have heard the unpleasant experience of other people’s treatment and have emotional tension.

Can be treated:

During this period, acute treatment of gingivitis and dental root inflammation first, and then staged treatment to shorten the diagnosis and treatment time of pregnant mothers.Global treatment can be temporarily slow, and treatment is performed after delivery.

Dear pregnant mothers, don’t misunderstand the dentist, because they are also angels in white, and many oral treatment sometimes requires obstetricians for joint diagnosis and treatment. All doctors’ efforts are escorted for you, so pregnant mothers understand more ~

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