What to do with low progesterone and how to see if you stop your fetus?Four common problems in early pregnancy, collecting learning

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Recently, many pregnant mothers privately consult some new pregnancy issues. Most of them are problems such as progesterone, HCG, fetal stops, and brown secretions. Of course, these problems are also the most common problems in the early pregnancy.Organize it, I hope to help early pregnancy parents who have similar doubts.

Many pregnant mothers, after the early pregnancy examination, doctors will recommend preservation, and some will prescribe "fetal medicine". Do you want to be treated?

Now that the doctor prescribes the fetal medicine, it is enough to keep the fetus in accordance with the doctor’s advice; if the doctor does not give the prescribed medicine, it is also possible to protect the tire according to the doctor’s suggestion;The ketone is lower than 5. There is no fetal heart after 9 weeks of pregnancy), just listen to the doctor’s suggestion.

In fact, early pregnancy is a process of natural choice. If the quality of the embryo is good, the fetus will naturally develop healthy. If there is a problem with the embryo itself, the tire can not be kept.In this way, children, parents, families, and all their lives are also burdensome, or they are not guaranteed.

Different women have physical differences, and the level of progesterone is naturally different. Some women’s progesterone level itself is low. I am like this. When I conceive my son, the progesterone in early pregnancy is not high.

But one thing that pregnant mothers need to understand is that low progesterone represents a fetal abortion, and high progesterone cannot indicate that the fetus is safe. It mainly depends on the double situation of HCG. It is just a reference.

As long as HCG doubles and has no abdominal pain bleeding, there will be fetal heart buds around 7 weeks of pregnancy, it means that the fetus is developing well, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much.

Several friends around me were low in early pregnancy, but the baby was born healthy in the end.

Therefore, pregnant mothers with low progesterone should not be too tangled with the value of progesterone, and do not feel that low progesterone must be a manifestation of poor fetal development, let alone pregnant mothers always look at too many sharing stickers about fetal stops.Scare yourself.Try to relax and adjust your state, which will be more "good".

Generally, if you do the B -ultrasound around 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can see the fetal heart buds of the fetus, but some pregnant mothers may go to the B -ultrasound for more than 7 weeks but do not see the fetal heart.

Don’t be too nervous at this time. It is recommended to check it out after a week. It may be that the fertilized eggs are late, and the actual fetus is not so big, so you can’t see the fetal heart.

Especially the pregnant mothers who have doubled HCG must not give up easily. I have encountered a few pregnant mothers. Because there is no fetal heart, the doctor recommends giving up, I do not give up, and wait for another week. As a result, I see the fetal heart.

In addition, for pregnant mothers with fetal heart buds, they must not be careless, and the matters that should be noted still have to be paid attention.

Because there may still be fetal stops in the early days of pregnancy, there are many examples around me. During the seventh or eight weeks of pregnancy, I did a B -ultrasound with fetal heart sprouts. Until 12 weeks of delivery, there was no longer in the middle.During the weekly check -up, the fetus was stopped at the B -ultrasound that the fetus had stopped.

PS: This kind of fetal stop, generally pregnant mothers who have early pregnancy reactions may suddenly be so a few days later, early pregnancy reactions are gone; but most of them will not immediately occur in abdominal pain and bleeding.

Many pregnant mothers have brown secretions in the early pregnancy. If a small amount of brown discharge may be caused by fertilized eggs, it is generally not tight.But you ca n’t care about it. It is best to see the doctor. The doctor will give the advice based on the value of HCG and progesterone and the B -ultrasound to check the development of the embryo sac.

Generally, brown secretions appear, avoid tiredness, rest more, and it is best to rest in bed.

The above are the most common problems in early pregnancy. Regarding progesterone, HCG, fetal heart buds, brown secretions and fetal stops, I also hope to help more expectant parents in the early pregnancy.

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