What to do with toothache for pregnant women?In these three cases, the right medicine is applied to the right medicine

Most people have more or less problems in the mouth of the mouth. Many female friends have unfortunately outbreak some oral problems during pregnancy, which may cause serious toothache phenomena.During pregnancy, the body of a female friend is in a very weak state, so toothache can not be processed blindly. Let’s take a look below.

1. Drug effect

During pregnancy, the use of drugs for pregnant women must have strict requirements and regulations.Therefore, many drugs that can cure toothache cannot be used by pregnant women.In the first three months of pregnancy, drugs also have a great impact on the fetus, and it is also easy to cause pregnant women to have nausea and vomiting.This will not only be unfavorable to the fetus, but also bring a lot of trouble to the operation of the doctor’s mouth.

2. Surgery is not good for the body

During pregnancy, female friends will change special changes.There is no discomfort in normal people in the dental hospital’s surgical chair, but using such a chair for a long time will have a very serious impact on pregnant women.In particular, many treatment surgery is very long, which will seriously affect the health of pregnant women.

1. Pain caused by teeth allergies

If pain is caused by allergies, you must be careful in daily diet.Pregnant women should try to avoid eating foods that stimulate teeth, which can reduce the probability of toothache.Pregnant women must pay attention to the health of the oral cavity in daily life. Even if they can cause nausea and vomiting, they must do the cleaning of the mouth and teeth in time.When choosing toothpaste, try to choose anti -allergic toothpaste.

2. Toothache caused by tooth decay

If toothache is caused by tooth decay, generally speaking, doctors choose to make up for tooth decay.When replenishing teeth, try to avoid three months before and after pregnancy.If the phenomenon of toothache is exactly three months before and after, then the doctor can choose to relieve the condition or temporarily relieve pain according to different personal circumstances.Wait until the middle of pregnancy or after giving birth to a baby, and then do it for treatment.

3. Toothache caused by wisdom teeth

Because wisdom teeth appear very late in our mouth, most wisdom teeth will produce long crooked or reverse growth.The phenomenon of toothache caused by wisdom teeth is very frequent. If the wisdom teeth cause toothache during pregnancy, doctors generally choose conservative treatment.It will only do some rinse and relieve pain treatment for pregnant women, which can effectively reduce pain and relieve symptoms.There are risks to extraction during pregnancy. Pregnant women must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor. Do not be stubborn.

Kind tips

If pregnant women have symptoms of toothache during pregnancy, they must not take it lightly.Pregnant women may have emotional instability during pregnancy. If they cause mood changes due to toothache, they may lead to depression.

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