What to eat before going to bed

Source: Health Times


"Eat something before going to bed? Don’t just kidding?" Many people say this, but if there are some problems with the body, it is good to add meals at this time. It has a good relief effect. Experts have a deep understanding of this.Essence

Cough meal -almond grind into powder

Hao Mengzhong, executive director of the Jilin Provincial Health Association: Most people with cough are suffering from the pain of overnight cough. It was extremely powerful at two or three in the night.You can eat a few petals after meals to help remove lung heat.Another more effective method is almond tea before going to bed, which can be relieved that day.

The method is as follows: Buy some almonds and go home to make the almonds into powder for later use.Use 6 grams of salt spoons to take a spoonful of salt spoons before going to bed at night, and rush to warm water, which has a good improvement of cough at night.

This is because the almonds belong to the lung meridian, spleen meridian, and have the functions of expectorant, cough, and asthma. Of course, if you are troublesome, you can also take five or six almonds to chew directly.The effect is better.

Sleeping meals -brewed lavender tea

National Second -level public nutritionist He Lei: Lavender itself exudes a faint herbal fragrance. It can make people feel comfortable. It is a long time to improve the good role of sleeping.Can’t sleep, it is recommended to drink a glass of lavender tea before going to bed.

Buy dry lavender flower buds, take a spoonful to put it into the pot, pour in boiling water, soak for 5 minutes, add a little honey and sugar.Of course, the lavender tea brewed with milk is better.

In fact, lavender tea can be called "the best partner of office workers", which can not only relieve fatigue, but also have good benefits to digestion and prevent colds.However, lavender tea has a strong taste. It may not be used to it at first. It is recommended to add less (take 8-10 capsules).However, it should be noted that when you are pregnant, you should pay attention to dosage, do not drink continuously, and those with dysmenorrhea and hypotension should not drink.

Strong body meals -ginger meat cooks soup

Zuo Xiaoxia, a nutritionist at the 309 Hospital of the PLA: Remember when he was uncomfortable when he was a child, drinking the ginger soup he boiled by his mother was very useful, and his body was hot.In addition, ginger is a natural antibacterial food and has a certain effect of sterilization. Therefore, if you feel a headache, you can drink a bowl of ginger soup before going to bed at night.In addition, because the ginger meat sweats and the ginger skin stops sweat, it is better to cook the ginger and cook the soup.

In addition, for the wind and cold, I recommend lily Tremella diced cream. Don’t look at it, but it is really effective.These white foods have the effects of moisturizing the lungs, coolness, and moisturizing.After dinner, you can cook lilies, white fungus, and crickets together, and then stir it with a juicer and store it.You can eat a small bowl half an hour before going to bed. When you wake up, you will feel that the situation of getting angry and dry mouth will be relieved.

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