What to eat for expectant mothers can make the fetus smarter? Which stage of pregnancy is best to eat during pregnancy?

Every expectant mother and prospective dad want to have a healthy and smart baby. Therefore, what to eat during pregnancy makes the baby smarter, which is a problem that many mothers care about. Today, I will talk to you.Essence

① The baby’s brain development starts with the division of brain cells from the 5th week of pregnancy. At this time, the brain begins to form, and the central nervous system begins to develop;

② By the 6th week, the nerve tube began to generate links between the brain and the spinal cord, and the pituitary gland began to develop in the 7th week.

③ Week 8 ~ 12, the baby’s brain cells are divided and proliferated faster. Is it very powerful?

Dietary nutrition plan:

① Folic acid continues to supplement 400 micrograms per day and not to be interrupted. It has been eaten for 12 weeks of pregnancy. The main purpose is to prevent the baby’s brain nerve tube deformity.

② Milk 400 ~ 500ml per day, and 200 grams of eggs per day. It is mainly used to supplement protein, calcium and vitamin B, and lecithin. These are the essential substances for the development of the baby’s brain;Class is mainly used to supplement DHA.

③ Fruits are 200 ~ 400g per day, and green leafy vegetables are 300 ~ 500 grams per day. They are mainly used to supplement vitamin C and vitamin B.

④ The preferred walnut kernels are 20 ~ 30 grams per day (equivalent to 4 walnuts), which mainly supplements unsaturated fatty acids,

⑤ Eat 80 grams of pork liver or 40 grams of chicken liver per week, mainly used for trace elements such as iron supplement and zinc supplement.

⑥ 25 ~ 30 grams per day, mainly vitamin E with large -dimensional functional development.

By 20 weeks of pregnancy, the baby starts the trace of memory. By 24 weeks of pregnancy, the ditch is returned at the surface of the brain, and brain cells are still proliferating.From 20 weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s ear bone development is completed, and hearing has been generated.The more obvious example is that when the mother is happy or sad, the baby will make a tumbling or kick the fetal movement reaction, so the prenatal education will start from 20 weeks!

The second proliferation peak period of the baby’s brain cells of the baby’s brain cells from 7 to 8 months of pregnancy is comparable to the first peak period.After 32 weeks of the baby, the total brain cell proliferation has reached about 100 to 12 billion, so the baby’s head has developed to larger.

At the same time, from 25 weeks of pregnancy, the volume of the baby’s brain cells has gradually increased, the dendritic of neurons has begun to divide, the number of dendrites has also increased rapidly, and nerve synapses have also been formed.Sanda is a key substance for neurons to pass information. Therefore, the faster the frequency and speed of the link between the synapses, which means that the smarter the baby is!

Dietary nutrition plan:

① First of all, it is still milk, rising to 500 ~ 700ml a day, which is the main source of calcium supplement and protein.

② Egg meat rises to 200 ~ 250 grams per day, and fish or seaweed still insist on eating 2 to 3 times a week.

③ Fruits and vegetables, pork liver or chicken liver, nuts, vegetable oil are the same as above.

④ The salt is controlled within 6 grams per day to prevent edema.

⑤ Eat less and meals, thick and detailed matching, and have vegetables and vegetables to ensure balanced nutrition.It is best to ensure 40 different food nutrition every day. Each one is less and not partial to picky food.

During pregnancy, expectant mothers can only ensure that nutritional balance can be ensured and eaten a variety of foods every day, and scientifically bred healthy and smart babies.

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