What will affect the fetus?

What impact would expectant mother take contraceptives without knowing that they were pregnant?

If I don’t know that I have been pregnant and take contraceptives, what will it affect the fetus?Can this child still ask?

Taking contraceptives without knowing pregnancy will have a certain impact on the fetus.Therefore, try not to keep it.There are the following points about the negative impact of different "contraceptives":

1. Oral contraceptive pill

Studies have found that oral contraceptives are synthetic estrogen and progesterone hybrid preparations, which mainly cause contraceptive effects by inhibiting ovulation.

Therefore, this contraceptive pill can cause abnormalities in fetal reproductive organs.Especially in the first three months of pregnancy, it is the key moment when the fetal heart, brain, liver, and kidney important organs, which are most likely to be differentiated and formed, are the most vulnerable to different factors and cause fetal malformations.

Therefore, if you are pregnant during this period, then the estrogen, progesterone, etc. residial in the expectant mothers will act on the embryo, which may cause miscarriage of pregnant women or cause malformations of the fetus.

Therefore, if this contraceptive is taken in early pregnancy, such a fetus is best not.

2. Emergency contraception

Scientific research has found that emergency contraception is the main component of artificial synthesis. After taking pregnant women, it mainly affects the development of fetal reproductive organs. From affecting the gender of the fetus, the female tire can be masculine.

However, the fetus that is pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives can be kept.

This is because, within the 4 weeks of the last menstrual period, the early period of differentiation of cells and tissue is generally not sensitive to various terators.In addition, the development of the reproductive system is about 8 weeks of pregnancy. Since the time of metabolism in the body is short in the body, it is about 3 days. Therefore, within 4 weeks of the last menstruation, the impact of taking emergency contraceptives on the fetus does not have the impact of the fetus on the fetus.It will be too big.

3. Conditioning contraceptives should be pregnant after half a year

According to scientists, female and progesterone in general contraceptives are very slow when they are discharged from the body.Therefore, as long as the contraceptive pill is taken for one month, most of the female and progesterone in the body will take five to six months to completely discharge.Therefore, women who want to get pregnant after taking contraceptives should be pregnant after half a year of stopping the contraceptive pills to avoid the fetus from being affected by drugs.

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