What will the fetus feel when pregnant mothers eat hot pot?

As the temperature decreased gradually, the thought of pregnant mothers to eat hot pot began to move again.However, people always say that they cannot eat hot pot during pregnancy, otherwise they will hurt the fetus. Then do you know what the fetus will feel when eating hot pot?

The fetus started to grow taste buds at 4 months of pregnancy, and at this time he already had a taste.Although the fetus usually relies on the umbilical to obtain oxygen and nutrients, and cannot actually eat food, when the mother consumes food, the taste of the food will penetrate into amniotic fluid.Taste the taste of mother’s food.

Studies have shown that the fetus prefers the sweet taste. After the mother takes the sweets, the fetal swallowing amniotic fluid will increase; after eating spicy food, the fetus will make a painful expression to show abandonment.So when pregnant mothers eat hot pot, can you imagine his feelings?I must be very unhappy, thinking in my heart, "What kind of food is my mother eating?

Eat hot pot during pregnancy. In addition to the fetus does not like, there is the following damage:

1. There is constipation in the pregnancy itself. Spicy food will slow down the gastrointestinal motility, increase constipation, and affect the supply of fetal nutrition.

2. Hot pots are used for slices of meat, such as mutton, pork, beef and other meats may contain other parasites such as bowworms, and the naked eye cannot be found.When eating, once it is not completely hot, it may cause pregnant women to infect parasites and affect fetal development.

Can’t you eat hot pot at all during pregnancy?

Of course not.When eating hot pot, pregnant mothers try to choose a light soup base, and choose more vegetables to hot.Do not eat chopsticks with raw meat, raw meat slices must be completely cooked.If possible, it is best to prepare hot pot at home, which is more secure and secure.

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