What you need to pay attention to after pregnancy is actually 3 o’clock, see the summary of the people

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For women, pregnancy is probably the most surprising and worrying thing.The happy thing is that the family is about to welcome a little baby. It is the crystallization of love with her husband. If you think about the happiness you will bring in the future, you will feel happy.What is worried is that from pregnancy to childbirth time is long, the pregnant mothers know nothing about what they will experience during this period, and their emotions are beginning to be anxious. In fact, pregnant mothers do not have to worry so much.It will feel that it is too long, and the precautions are the same.What you need to pay attention to after pregnancy is actually 3 o’clock. Look at the summary of the people.

Early pregnancy

I remember when someone was pregnant before, because she was unwilling to admit the public for three months, it was also attacked by many netizens after being released. In fact, it is really not the case.The custom of not telling outsiders is because the fetus is too small in the early pregnancy, it is restless, and the chance of miscarriage is relatively high. Therefore, many pregnant mothers will wait for the fetus to be stable before informed the people around them to avoid emptiness.

It can be seen that the early pregnancy is a comprehensive observation phase for pregnant mothers. Pay attention to whether you have stomach pain at any time. You can see if you have bleeding in the private parts in the toilet, because it is likely to be an ectopic pregnancy or abortion forestry.There are also pregnancy vomiting caused by pregnancy. It is too powerful to see a doctor.The usual diet should also be added with foods rich in dietary fiber to promote gastrointestinal motility and prevent constipation. In addition, hormone changes in the body make pregnant mothers very sensitive to the environment. Pay attention to stay away from noise.

Mid -pregnancy

As far as the whole pregnancy is concerned, the second trimester is a relatively stable stage. The pregnant mothers are stable in all aspects, but there are still things to pay attention to.Pay attention to the hygiene of private parts.There is also a fast development of the fetus during this period. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to comprehensively replenishing the impact. Pay attention to rest too much. Do not overwhelm it. Do n’t be stubborn.

Late pregnancy

The third trimester is the most important stage. If you do n’t pay attention, you may have premature birth. In addition, the fetus grows rapidly. The pregnant mother ’s body obviously begins to have uncomfortable symptoms., Pregnant mothers should actively find ways to make themselves happy to avoid prenatal depression.In addition, in addition to the established inspection, pregnant mothers can exercise more perineum to prepare for childbirth.

Do you remember here?In addition to the above, it is most important to relax the mentality. After the pregnant mothers know the general process, let themselves relax. It is not good for the fetus.


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