What’s going on with less menstruation?Is it a signal of the disease?After listening to the doctor’s answer

Women are inherently special, because they have menstruation every month.Although teachers will popularize relevant knowledge during school today, many women are not clear about menstruation, which will bring many hidden dangers.In fact, the knowledge of menstruation is the knowledge that women must understand.This also requires women to pay attention to menstruation. After all, because of the negligence of women, the menstrual flow has become less.

1. Are you pregnant

If there is less menstruation, no matter how old you are, you should consider the possibility of pregnancy.At this time, the blood rewing may be caused by ectopic pregnancy, and it is also caused by a threatened abortion, so everyone must buy early pregnancy test strips in time.If you find it difficult or inconvenient, you can choose the service to send the medicine to the door.

If it is a bar, there are no other symptoms, such as stomach pain and other phenomena, and menstrual blood is clean within a week, it may only be just a small menstrual flow.Generally speaking, there is only a few menstruation, so there is no need to worry.If the menstrual flow is abnormal in succession, you should pay attention to going to the hospital for examination at this time.There is also a special case that although it is found that it is a bar, the small belly is a bit painful, and the menstrual period is relatively long, such as ten days and not clean, then go to the hospital early.a little.If two bars need to go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, first see if it is ectopic pregnancy.

2. Have you done these four things

1) Motor flow technique

Women must cherish themselves. If there are many abortion surgery, especially the menstruation will become less after the abortion curettage surgery.It is necessary to know that multiple curetts can cause the endometrium to become thinner, which will cause the problem of uterine cavity adhesion. In the end, there is less menstruation.If the situation is serious, menstruation will change from time to time to not.We all know that some of the diseases cannot be reversed. The uterine cavity adhesion is that once menstruation does not come, we will not be pregnant, and we cannot even do test tubes. Therefore, we recommend that you learn the knowledge of scientific contraception and contraception in advance.

2) Take short -acting contraceptives

We all know that contraceptives will have a certain impact on some people, such as less menstrual flow.This is because contraceptives may inhibit ovulation and endometrial hyperplasia. Under normal circumstances, they can recover after stopping the drug without having to worry too much.Common contraceptives on the market are Daying 35, You Siyue, etc., but it is not recommended that women take contraceptives for a long time.

3) I have done ovarian cyst surgery

Less menstruation may be caused by premature ovarian failure, especially bilateral ovarian endometriosis cysts.Ovarian function will be damaged due to cysts. If cyst surgery is removed, some normal ovarian tissues will be lost, it is easy to relapse, and the risk of surgery is high again.Ovarian functional damage cannot be reversed. It will not only discontinue menstruation, but also induce low estrogen, such as the menopause syndrome.

4) Use Man Yuele Ring

The Moon Moon Ring in the uterine cavity will lead to less menstruation, because it can slowly release the progesterone and inhibit endometrial hyperplasia, but it does not affect ovarian function, and it can be recovered after taking the ring.

3. Whether it is endocrine disease

If menstruation is really small, it is necessary to consider whether endocrine diseases, such as polycystic ovary syndrome.Generally, the menstrual cycle of internal secretion disease is affected. For example, if the cycle is extended for one week or a week in advance, there will be other symptoms.However, the specific symptoms need to be diagnosed by the doctor after examination, such as six sex hormones.

Medical stipulates that as long as the period of menstrual flow per cycle is normal within 5-80 ml, it is normal to determine the amount of menstrual flow in life.A bottle of 500 ml of water bottle is full of water.In daily life, if you want to know whether your menstrual flow is reduced, you can check through the number of days of menstruation.For example, it took 6 days to end, and now it is over in 4 days.Or from the perspective of sanitary napkins, it is also possible.For example, it turned out to be changed many times a day, and there is very little amount of time now.

Menstruation young women must pay attention to the time of delays and treatment.After all, the menstrual conditions are directly linked to women’s fertility. Do not regret it until it is irreparable.Sometimes I care about my physical condition. With health, the happiness of life is guaranteed.

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