What’s wrong with female breast swelling?These 6 types of breast tenderness should be correctly understood

Female breast health is a very important thing. At the same time, women’s breasts are also more sensitive. In recent years, there are more and more breast disease in my country.In daily life, many women have breast swelling, which makes many female friends worry.Why is breast swelling?Let’s take a look at the following.

Women mainly have the following six types of breast tenderness

1. Adolescent breast swelling

Adolescent chest bloating usually occurs at the age of 9-13.After the early menstrual tide, the pain will disappear by itself.

2. Pulfidal chest pain

There are many people who have full breasts and tenderness before menstruation; heavy breasts will feel pain when they are slightly vibrating or collisions.This is due to the rise in estrogen levels in the early stage, hyperplasia of breast, and mammary tissue edema.After menstruation, it will disappear.

3. chest bloating during pregnancy

When some women are about 40 days of pregnancy, the breasts of estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin increased breasts due to the increased breasts of the placenta and fluffy, which causes breast swelling and pain, and sustainable entire pregnancy during treatment.

4. Postpartum breast pain

Some women often have full breasts, hardships, and pain from 3 to 7 days after their delivery.This is mainly due to lymphatic retention, venous filling, interstitial edema and blocked breast ducts.

5. After artificial abortion, breast swelling

After artificial abortion, some women will experience breast swelling and pain.This is because of the sudden interruption of pregnancy, and the level of hormone in the body suddenly decreases, which suddenly stops growing the newly developed breasts, causing breast mass and breast pain.

6. Breast pain after sexual intercourse

This is related to the physiological changes of breasts in sex life.For those with weak sexual desire or discordant sexual life, the congestion and swelling of the breast will not be easy to subscribe, or incompleteness, and continuous congestion can cause breast pain.

How to eliminate breast swelling

1. Change your dietary habits

Use a low -fat and high -fiber diet to eat more valleys (whole wheat), vegetables and beans.

2. Massage the breast regularly

Gently massage the breast to return the excess body fluid back to the lymphatic system.When massaging, apply the soap liquid to the breast first, rotate your fingers along the surface of the breast, about a coin -sized circle.Then push the breast in with your hand, and then play it, which is very good for preventing breast discomfort.

3. Wear suitable underwear

In addition to preventing breast signs from signs of breasts, the more important role is to prevent compressive breast nerves from further compression and eliminate discomfort.

4. Avoid taking diuretics

Diuretics do help excretion of liquid in the body and reduce breast swelling.But this immediately relieve is cost -effective.Excessive use of diuretics can cause potassium loss, destroy the balance of electrolyte, and affect the formation of glucose.

5. Don’t eat salty food

High -salt foods can easily swell breasts, and such foods should be avoided 7 to 10 days before menstruation.

6. Try hot compress

Hot compress is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy. It can alleviate breast pain through hot compress bags, hot water bottles or hot water baths.If you use cold and hot compresses, it will be better to eliminate breast discomfort.

7. Prevents obesity

For obese women, weight loss can help reduce breast swelling and pain.

Female friends don’t have to worry about the above symptoms, but when swelling and pain have not been relieved for a long time, or even more and more serious, or when they touch the breasts, they should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible when they find uneven lumps, unclear edges, and poor activity ability.

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