When a Tianjin people suspect that they are infected with the new crown virus

Cough, diarrhea, fever, and difficulty in breathing, is it infected with the new crown virus?

When the new crown epidemic reports are constantly reminding you to be surrounded by the virus, can your brain still make the right judgment?

Some people will have a strong stress response to this, and symptoms similar to new crown infections: cough, fever, weakness, abdominal pain and diarrhea, shortness of breath, and even difficulty.But in fact, he has been staying at home, and the courier and takeaway brother who occasionally come into contact has become his key suspect.And this suspicion and anxiety constantly provides negative feedback to his brain, thereby aggravating this physiological reaction.

In fact, stress reactions are accumulated by long -term evolution of human ancestors and early experiences and habits, which are instinctual reactions to protect our lives.

After experiencing primitive society, feudal society, semi -colonial semi -feudal society, in today’s socialist society, people no longer have to worry about attacks from beasts, but the instinct stress reactions in genes have always existed.Like false pregnancy reactions, it is also a self -protection mechanism of the human body, including physical reactions caused by excessive panic virus.

Of course, this is not to say that excessive reactions are not good. On the contrary, if humans do not have such an over -alert instinct, it may be collectively destroyed in the struggle between primitive society and beasts, and there is no highly civilized society today.

In the face of the new crowns, we must accept the reality and peace of mind. With psychological anxiety, we must resolve; with real symptoms, seek medical treatment.

So when I got back to the beginning, I suspected that I had infected with the new crown virus. What should I do?

You don’t worry about these symptoms. The most important thing is to have a history of contact. If you have recently taken a train, have been to Baodi Department Store, or you have bought the Lantern Festival in the Shanghe East Bridge Road, then you better go to 52 in Tianjin to fever.Take a look at the clinic.If you don’t have any worries, it is recommended that you choose to seek medical treatment online.

In the process of medical treatment, you can explain your condition in the following aspects to help your doctor understand your condition and feelings:

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