When choosing honey, pay attention. As long as you meet these 4 points, you are 100%"artificial honey", don’t buy it!

In the seasons all seasons, there are a variety of supplements in different seasons, and in the large number of supplements, it should be said that honey is suitable for any season, and the nutritional content of honey is high, such as glucose, amino acids, vitamins, etc.It is necessary to wait for the human body daily. In addition, because the honey is scarce, the price is also lifted very high. In the honey market, some illegal merchants will use fake honey to disrupt the market in order to make more money.At the same time, it also harms consumers’ health rights.

Among the many exposed fake honey cases, one of the higher proportion is the situation of "artificial honey". In order to allow you to easily identify what "artificial honey" is, I would like to awaken hereThese four are 100%"artificial honey". Don’t buy it. Let’s take a look at this question.

1. It is easy to break without brushing honey

Because "artificial honey" is basically synthesized by artificial additives, it is very different from the ingredients of real honey, and carefully consumers report that after buying "artificial honey"I can’t feel the stickiness of any natural honey. In intuitive, the honey of "artificial honey" is broken, and there is no continuity of natural honey.

2. Artificial honey color turbidity

From the perspective of natural honey, a very intuitive feeling is that the color is transparent and very uniform, and the fake honey is synthesized by various additives, so there is a obvious difference in appearance.There is no high light transmittance in the sun.

3. When rubbing with your hands, the sand grain is obvious

In addition to using the method of viewing, you can also use your fingers to judge. Because of the different components, fake honey will contain a lot of impurities. Gently rub it with your fingers.Honey has such a reaction, that can be noted.

4. There are too many ingredients ingredients

Because the national standard of pure natural soil honey stipulates that any product that claims to be pure honey is not allowed to exist in the formula, so we can see if there are other components in the formula. If there is only one one, there is only one.Specific ingredients, so congratulations, you are a genuine honey product you bought.

In addition to the above four methods, of course, there are other great gods who are constantly sharing their own experiences. It will not be listed here for the time being, but if you usually feel busy with work, it doesn’t matter if you do n’t have to take care of this issue.Let’s take a look at the following products that are very recommended by many platforms. Maybe there are one that suits you.

1. Honey Treasure

As a big brand of long -term focusing on soil honey products in China, Honey Zhen insists on adopting all localized production models. The bee colony is also a domestic high -quality Chinese bee species.Different types of rare honey sources, and in the management of bees, Honey Zhen has established a large professional natural breeding base in the Taibai Mountain area of the Qinling Mountains with excellent natural conditions. With the wild stocking mode, bees can be in a good environment.The high -quality and high -quality honey rich in natural nutrition is produced under the production.

And from the various indicators of the honey treasure honey, a single honey component proves its non -added natural honey attribute, followed by the issue of honey judging levels, according to most of the testing data, a honey wave beautyAs long as you reach the requirements of 42 or above, you can be called high -quality honey, and high -quality levels plus a single component without adding. Isn’t it your heart?

It is said that the quality of honey honey is one of the best in the five northwest provinces. Many customers who bought McCan honey imported abroad have become his "road turn powder".However, imported honey often exceeds three or four hundred yuan, while the honey -raising honey is only more than 100!

Out of self -confidence in the quality of their own honey, the honey -Zhen’s honey supports free trial eating. The opening can be fully retreated. If you drink unsatisfactory, you can retreat at all. If you like to drink honey, try it.The quality is really high! Now buying a constant temperature heating cup. Usually, you can drink hot drinks at any time at home and the office. For friends with bad stomach, it is a benefit!

I forgot to tell everyone that the quality of the royal jelly of Honey Jane is also excellent. Everyone who knows knows that the content of 1.4 of the average royal acid is a qualified product, and the bee royal jelly is more high -quality royal jelly with the royal pulp is greater than 1.8, and I checked itThe test report of honey treasure royal jelly has reached 2.48. There are really few such good bee royal jelly on the entire network. Whether it is honey or royal jelly, it can be seen that honey is a conscience brand.Relying on the trust of consumers by quality credit!

2. Winter Bear Honey

It is made from Russia’s local unique honey source, which is extremely sweet and sweet, so it is especially suitable for many children.

3. Hunaja YHTYMA

Finland Hunaja YHTYMA honey, the local complex pot nectar is the main source of honey. Each pot of honey produced has a particularly strong floral aroma, and the taste meets the needs of most people.

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