When did you start to add folic acid?When will it end?

Many women know the importance of supplementing folic acid before and during pregnancy, but few people know the specific time and methods of supplementing folic acid.When is folic acid appropriate?How should folic acid be supplemented?How long do I eat folic acid?

Why eat folic acid during pregnancy

Folic acid is a very important vitamin in human cell function metabolism. It mainly participates in the synthesis and metabolism of cells, which plays a vital role in the nutrition of nerve cells.

Because folic acid can prevent neural tube defects (NTD), replenishment of folic acid during pregnancy is one of the must -have.

On the other hand, in the process of baby’s organs during pregnancy, folic acid is also a very important raw material, so it is necessary to maintain the level of folic acid in the body after pregnancy.

When will folic acid start eating appropriate?

Therefore, during pregnancy, it is necessary to supplement folic acid and some foods rich in folic acid, such as: animal liver, green leafy vegetables, yeast, eggs, etc.The 2017 edition of "Adding Folic acid Prevention Deficiency Guidelines for Surgery" states that women with no high -risk factors suggest that from at least 3 months before pregnancy or before pregnancy, add 0.4 mg or 0.8 mg folic acid dailymoon.

Why do you have to replenish folic acid before you are pregnant?Under normal circumstances, human embryonic nerve tube starts to close to the 28th day after conception. Because the pregnant woman may not know that she is pregnant at this process, it is easy to miss the best supplement time.

The 2016 "Women’s Dietary Guidelines" suggested to take folic acid throughout pregnancy because considering the possibilities of giant red blood cell anemia that might occur in pregnant women in the middle and late pregnancy, so those who have conditions can continue to take it after 3 months of pregnancy.

When will folic acid be stopped?

In fact, the habit of considering small doses of folic acid daily can continue until the end of delivery. If you neglect the reason for various reasons before pregnancy, and do not take folic acid in advance, then you should start to add daily immediately after confirming the pregnancy.When is the best to stop folic acid? In fact, there is no clear rule. Because the system of each pregnant mother is different, the time to stop folic acid supplement is different.Stop using folic acid time.However, the time to supplement folic acid during pregnancy should not be less than 3 months, so as to avoid the lack of folic acid replenishment and cause the health of the fetus and the mother.

Every stage of pregnancy needs to be performed at a stage of pregnancy, so whether to continue to eat folic acid afterwards, you can consult a doctor according to the situation of the birth check.If the baby belongs to normal development, there is no need to continue to add extra folic acid after 3 months. If some babies develop too fast, folic acid in normal food cannot meet the normal development of the baby’s body.Determine according to the situation of the pregnant mother.

In short, pregnancy supplement folic acid and make up for the way, it is better to follow the rules.Take the right medicine in the right way to avoid the pit.

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