When I am pregnant, I should use the medicine

Have you ever encountered the following situation:

I found that I was pregnant, but I used medicine for various reasons a while ago. I don’t know if the baby can.

After pregnancy, I have a cold and fever, and I dare not take medicine, so I am afraid that it will affect the baby in the stomach.

The above two situations often encounter in our work, there are many consultants, and even encounter extreme situations: preparing for pregnancy and pregnancy during pregnancy, no matter what medicine, it is required to terminate pregnancy; no matter what kind of disease, no matter what kind of disease, they are all diseases.Rejecting drug treatment, even endangering his own health.

Does the medication during pregnancy and pregnancy affect the baby?

Within two weeks after the fertilization, it is calculated within 28 days after menopause (28 days of the menstrual period):

The baby is just a fertilized egg. The differentiation and development of the organizational organs have not yet begun. Even if a harmful drug is used, there will generally not be malformations. It is also caused by the stop development and natural abortion of the embryo. This is the so -called "all or no".Theory.

The effects of drugs on the embryo during this period have the following two endings: embryo death, abortion; no impact.

3-9 weeks after fertilization, that is, 5-11 weeks of menopause:

During the formation of the main organ of the embryo, the teratogenic effect of drugs is the most sensitive. At this time, the use of drugs is most likely to lead to birth defects.

9th week after fertilization to full moon:

The development of fetal organs is gradually improved, but the nervous system, reproductive system and teeth are still differentiated, especially the nervous system continues to develop during pregnancy and newborn period. During this period, Downsym ’s weight and functional behavior abnormalities.

In the past, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was required to divide the drugs into five categories: A, B, C, D, and X according to drug safety.

In 2014, the FDA issued a new rule requiring prescription drug labels to clearly clarify the risk of taking drugs during pregnancy and lactating women.Cancel this simple five -class method, and then use letters to describe risks on drug labels.

As a non -professional person, you must not know which medicines should be used and which medicine should not be used. Tell you a few methods:

Before using any drugs, including Chinese medicine and vitamins, please consult a doctor; if you need to take drugs for a long time because of the disease, you must also consult a doctor if you can continue to use and whether you need to change the types and dosage of the drug.

Before using drugs, please read the drug instructions carefully, especially pregnant women and breastfeeding drugs and taboos.

You need to remind you that some Chinese medicine preparation manuals are very unclear for pregnant women and breastfeeding. You should consult a doctor after use.

If you can use English proficiently, I recommend you two authoritative websites:

· Https://www.cdc.gov/pregnation/meds/

· Https://www.fda.gov

Common diseases can be used for drugs:

Cold fever: For acetaminol (splitting and polygar, Tyno, etc., the course of treatment is not more than 72 hours). It is not recommended to use compound cold medicine to avoid non -steroidal antipyretic analgesic drugs (ibuprofen, early pregnancy and natureAbortion, fetal heart defects, oral cleft palate, etc.; use in the third trimester, especially before delivery, may lead to the sustainable pulmonary hypertension of the newborn);

Cough: The one -way preparation of the right Mishafen is not recommended to use strong cough water;

Allergic rhinitis: hormone nasal spray (Budi Naed nasal spray, etc.), poker sensitivity;

Diarrhea: Monterblied stone scattered, properly replenish probiotics, and is not recommended to relieve diarrhea drugs;

Constipation: Lionic fruit, Kaisailu (short -term use), prohibit use of castor oil and diarrhea leaves;

Pregnancy vomiting: Vitamin B6, Angdan Siqiong;

Anti -infection drugs (anti -inflammatory drugs): penicillin, cephalosporin, Achicomycin, and clinithromycin, prohibit the use of tetracycline, amino glycoside (chaincin, galcopromycin, etc.), chimone ketone (loxacin, cycloprum, cycloprum, cyclolar,Shaxing, etc.);

Hemorrhoids: compound corner vegetable acid ester ointment/emboli;

Eczema: Youzor, Ailoson (short -term, small area);

Vaccine: Influenza vaccine, rabies vaccine, prohibit vaccination of leprosy cheeks.

Taking a large number of drugs for a long time can cause birth defects or affect the health of the baby. Generally, the use of short -term small doses will not affect. Of course, specific analysis should be analyzed in detail.

After pregnancy, due to the low immunity, the cold, and the duration for a long time, the following teach you a few methods to avoid colds:

Enhance immunity

What if you have a slight cold, what should I do?

Putting a humidifier in the room can increase the humidity of the room, allow you to breathe smoothly and reduce nasal congestion.

Drink plenty of water, Chinese grass tea containing ginger, raspberry, dandelion, and mint leaves is safe. Avoid drinking Chinese herbal medicines containing caffeine, ginseng, licorice, and ephedra.

Drinking honey -containing lemonade can relieve throat pain and reduce cough.

If you have severe nasal congestion, you can use the steam inhalation method: put a basin of hot water, put your head above the hot water basin, put a towel on your head, the nose inhale deep (water cannot be too hot), 5-8 each timeJust minute.

Through the above methods, if your cold symptoms are not relieved after 2-3 days, fever occurs, and the body temperature exceeds 38.5 ° C. Cough is accompanied by chest pain and yellow green nose. You should go to the doctor as soon as possible.

The use of drugs during pregnancy and pregnancy is not as terrible as you think. Most drugs are safe for short -term doses. You only need to remember:

Do not use the medicines that are not used to avoid use. If you need to use the medicine, you should use the doctor’s advice.

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