When I was pregnant unexpectedly, is it surprise or scared?How to think about Mom Mom

Pregnancy and having children were originally a great event on earth.However, there may be many couples or couples. When they encounter accidents, they will feel helpless.

Some people will say: I have not been prepared yet, and even the material level and mental state are not online. The child runs unexpectedly at this time, not like a surprise, but it seems to be scared.A difficult choice.

In real life, there are many women who choose artificial abortion, in addition to their physical discomfort, there are also some women who have chosen because they are not ready.

In the reason for not preparing for this, other contents also include, for example: I think I have not prepared a good pregnancy, not only folic acid, but also not replenished, but I usually do not have the habit of exercising.Nutrition and experience of smoking and drinking, I am afraid that the children who have given birth may not be very good.

It can be seen that when many young women are not ready, a small life suddenly comes, which will increase the anxiety between couples or between husband and wife, because they are more afraid that the children who give birth will not be high in quality, soThey believe that it is even more responsible for leaving children directly than to leave a low -quality baby.

In fact, if the child is pregnant by accident, you should always make two preparations.

The first preparation is: Before the child comes, you should be prepared to knock on the door unexpectedly.

Whether it is the presence of the young couple and the husband and wife, or to be prepared at all times, you should improve your attention to preparing pregnancy in life.If you already have sex at the moment and do not intend to meet the arrival of a new life, you should always take safety security measures. If you have not taken any measures and are not prepared to prepare for pregnancy, you should quit your life.Bad habits.For example: long -term living in inferior environments or smoking, drinking and other bad habits, etc.

The second preparation is: When the child is unexpected, he has never thought about leaving him, and he should be prepared for safety.The meaning is: when you know that the child is pregnant by accident and is ready to do artificial abortion, then the mothers must first pay attention to the quality and nutritional supplies of rest, and the sex life between couples or between husband and wife should prohibit sexual life from sexual life., A month to 40 days.In addition, Baoma should always pay attention to the cleaning of vulva at all times, and use warm water to clean the private parts every day.If there is a situation where the vagina flows constantly, it will go to the hospital for a review for more than a week to check whether there is a infection.

In the end, we need to understand: Does not prepare for pregnancy, will it definitely cause a harm to the child?

Although many people said: In ancient times, many husbands and wives were not prepared to prepare for pregnancy, and they were naturally pregnant.There are many children born in the children.

In fact, the current living standards and mental levels have improved a lot. We must not only increase the health rate of children’s birth, but also ensure that children are in the scope of eugenics.If the child comes unexpectedly, and the mothers do not supplement folic acid before pregnancy.Then it may affect the development of congenital neural tube development.

In addition, if folic acid is very lacking, it may also affect the hypertension, even abortion and premature birth of pregnant women.The baby’s developmental is slow or the weight is very low when birth in the stomach.

And every treasure mother wants to be eugenic and educated, they need to start supplementing folic acid before pregnancy, because the demand for folic acid is much more large for pregnancy.

Then some mother asked: I was born unexpectedly, but she did not replenish folic acid. Can this child stay?

In fact, the current medical conditions have been developed a lot. Not only are there conventional production inspections, but also various gynecological examinations to help Baoma check the layers before reproduction, so doctors will continue to monitor their children’s development.

Therefore, if the child comes unexpectedly, it is only because the mothers who do not think they have supplemented folic acid, and the mothers who want to choose an artificial abortion should pay attention. Compared with the harm caused by artificial abortion to themselves, please ask a responsible physician to help themselves do a good job in doing a good job in doing a good job.Judgment is more proper.

Of course, in addition to not replenishing folic acid in time, there are various situations, such as: smoking, drinking and other bad living habits, and whether they have conditioned physical and other reasons to make couples or couples feel panic.Be sure to truthfully reflect your own situation to responsible physicians, and do not choose artificial abortion blindly.

After all, after artificial abortion, children are likely to be treated as medical waste. It is a chilling approach. On the other hand, it is also a great harm for the bodies of Baoma.

So, if you are now in a sexual life, whether you are ready for pregnancy, you should prevent it. Do not make a joke with your life. Do not put your body in your eyesinside.

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