When I went to Wushan, I was so sad, what should I do if I bleed?Don’t panic

"Doctor, save me soon, I have a room in the same room today, and suddenly bleed suddenly after the matter? Is I cervical cancer?"

Today’s clinic, rushing in a young girl, before sitting down, throwing this problem anxiously.

It’s winter, and the bleeding of gynecological outpatient rooms is common. It has been here several months in recent months.It is estimated that because of the cold, everyone can’t go out in bed. I always have to find something to do. As a result, I accidentally bleed.

Once bleeding occurs, many patients are used to X degree in advance, and one search on the Internet is all cervical cancer. They scare themselves to lose their color and shake their whole body.In fact, this is unnecessary, and the fear of one thing often comes from insufficient understanding.When you know enough about this matter, you will often find that it is a false alarm. For example, if you bleed after the same room, you only know that cervical cancer, then it is wrong.

In addition to cervical cancer, the cause of abnormal bleeding is still there

Bleeding after the same room, this is a symptom that occurs in non -menstrual bleeding. We are called vaginal abnormal bleeding.There are many causes of vaginal abnormal bleeding. Different causes of abnormal vaginal bleeding in different ages have different causes of vaginal bleeding.

Bleeding after the same room is vaginal abnormal bleeding, so it has the same nature as all abnormal vaginal bleeding. The common causes are as follows:

[Menstrual abnormalities] Originally irregular menstruation, for a while and half a month, I did not come for a while and two months. I couldn’t figure out when the menstruation came next time.If the menstruation is exactly after the same room, bleeding will occur.

[Bleeding during ovulation] The volatile hormone fluctuations during ovulation, the endometrium is unstable, and a little shed bleeding; the follicles can be ruptured and bleeding during ovulation, and the blood in the pelvic cavity can be discharged through the fallopian tube, which can also cause bleeding.

[Vaginitis] When the vaginal inflammation occurs, the mucosal edema is congested and ulcerated in severe cases.The friction in the same room can damage the mucous membrane and cause bleeding.

[Abnormal pregnancy] Vaginal abnormal bleeding occurs during abnormal pregnancy such as threatened abortion, inevitable abortion, and ectopic pregnancy.Some women are pregnant, and they do not know that they find that this situation is not uncommon after going to the hospital after bleeding.

[Family planning measures] Oral contraceptives and subcutaneous buried agents. The hormone levels in the body are unstable. Vaginal abnormal bleeding will occur, and the ends of the uterine endometrium will cause bleeding irregularly.

[Systemic diseases] Hematology, liver disease, kidney disease and other systemic diseases cause disorders in the body’s coagulation mechanism, which leads to bleeding.

[Reproductive tract injury] Including vulva and vaginal laceration.It is mainly caused by the excessive behavior, insufficient preparation, and rude movements in the same room. Especially the passion of the newlywed couple who has won the newly married is difficult to rest. The first trial little couple has no experience and has a lot of probability.

Special nature of bleeding after the same room

The cause mentioned above is the common factor that causes abnormal vaginal bleeding. The bleeding after the same room also has its particularity -bleeding occurs after the same room, so the cervical factors must not be forgotten.

[Cervical lesions] The cervical lesions mentioned here are not cervical erosion, mainly refers to the lesions on the cervix due to long-term continuous continuous infection of high-risk HPV, called cervical epithelial tumor changes, and the age of high incidence is a woman between 30-40 years old.The general clinical manifestation is bleeding in the same room, and some pain in the same room.The cause of bleeding is that the tissue of the lesion is destroyed during the same room (mainly collision), causing bleeding.If HPV was positive before, then it was necessary to go to the hospital to check TCT or vaginal biopsy after this bleeding.If you have not done cervical tests, you need to do TCT and HPV testing. This is an important way to discover cervical cancer.

[Cervical polyps] It is related to inflammatory stimulation. The cervical surface or in the cervical pipe will cause polyps -like tissue due to tissue hyperplasia. These tissues themselves are benign.It is a capillaries, fiber tissue and epithelial tissue, which are very fragile and easy to occur.

[Cervicitis] What is mentioned here is not chronic cervicitis that is usually asymptomatic, but acute cervicitis.When suffering from acute cervicitis, cervix is congested, edema, and purulent secretions. If you collide or friction after the same room, you will rupture contact with surface blood vessels and bleeding.

What should I do if bleeding occurs?

Take a closer look at the above reasons. First of all, you must stabilize your emotions. Do not make up various pictures of cervical cancer, calm down, follow the steps below.

1. After discovering bleeding, stop the same room immediately to avoid further bleeding.

2. Use warm water to clean the vulva, keep dry and clean, and use a sanitary napkin or sanitary pad if necessary.

3. Looking back on your own menstrual situation and observing the bleeding situation. If the amount of bleeding is greater than the usual menstrual flow, or it is accompanied by pain, then the problem may be more serious.Delay time and go to the hospital as soon as possible.

4.If the bleeding is not much, it is time to see the emergency department during the ovulation period. You can go to the hospital clinic, and let the doctor judge whether it is ovulation bleeding.Professional things are left to professional people to do it, and no matter how much you see online.

How to prevent bleeding after the same room?

Everyone is very concerned about this issue. In fact, the simplest prevention measures are regular inspections, at least once a year for gynecological examinations.

If the inflammation is not good, I can bear it before, and adjust the menstruation normally. You can understand your physical condition, and find that abnormal treatment is treated in a timely manner. Do not delay.

Through these factors that may cause bleeding, the probability of bleeding will naturally be greatly reduced.

Finally, remind everyone that the sky is cold and "drive" carefully.

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