When is the best time to get pregnant after marriage?

Pre -pregnancy

Doing pre -pregnancy health care and guidance can reduce the occurrence of many high -risk pregnancy and high -risk fetal fetuses. This is very important in the perinatal health care, but it has not been paid enough attention.

The ideal pregnancy should be selected in both men and women, especially the women’s body, psychology, and social environment. At the best time, many problems that should not be pregnant during pregnancy can often occur during pregnancy.

The main content of pre -pregnancy health care is:

Disease treatment:

1. When suffering from diseases on both sides, they should consider whether they are pregnancy, especially when the woman suffers from heart disease, hypertension, and kidney disease.Light can be pregnant under the guidance of a doctor. For those who are serious, they must consult with the internal medicine doctors. If they are not suitable for pregnancy, they should be actively treated under contraception.

2. Other chronic diseases, such as the woman suffering from thyroid dysfunction, diabetes, epilepsy, mental illness, etc., should not be pregnant during the treatment process.

3. Some benign tumors, such as thyroid, breasts, or benign tumors in the pelvic cavity, should perform surgery before pregnancy.One of the men and women suffer from infectious diseases, such as hepatitis and tuberculosis, should not conceive during the infectious period.

Occupation problem:

The occupation of both sides should not accept the history of harmful substances for a long time.When the man is exposed to poison that affects germ cells, the necessary examination should be done. If the germ cells are abnormal, they should be separated from the contact environment.After the woman is pregnant, she should continue to avoid exposure to toxic substances until after breastfeeding.


1. The age and health of both sides: The bodies of the couple before and after pregnancy should be in a healthy state.Women less than 18 or more than 35 years of age are risk factor for pregnancy, which can easily cause dystocia and affect fetal development.The best age of childbearing age between 25 and 29.Men are more than 45 years old and are prone to chromosomal abnormalities.

2. Psychological and social and environmental problems: work or study is too nervous and fatigue, and living conditions are difficult, such as crowded residence, economic constraints, family discomfort, and just hitting a major spiritual blow.

Life aspect:

Those with tobacco and alcohol enthusiasts should try to quit tobacco and alcohol.Oral contraceptives or family planning surgery should be converted for more than 6 months before pregnancy.

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