When pregnant women encounter urinary tract stones, should I stay or remove?

During pregnancy, urinary stones are encountered. How should this "stone" be dealt with, will the dolls in the belly be affected?Recently, Ms. Wang (Hua’s surname), who was more than three months pregnant, encountered such pain. Jiang Hua, a attending physician at the Department of Urology, Southeast University affiliated to Zhongda Hospital, relieved the pain, and waited for the baby to eradicate stones.

The pain of the waist is unbearable, it turned out to be the calamity of the stones

Since the pregnancy, Ms. Wang has five meals a day in order to ensure sufficient nutrition, high -protein, high -thermal energy diet, calcium, and various vitamins.Some time ago, Ms. Wang inexplicably felt the pain of her waist, but everyone who came here said that the back pain during pregnancy was normal, and it was recommended that she could bear it.However, a few days later, Ms. Wang continued to fever, soaring to 39 ° C. Because she did not dare to take medicine during pregnancy, she could only physical cooling, but how could she "press" this fire?Seeing the situation, Ms. Wang’s husband took her to the CUHK Hospital for inspection.After nucleic acid screening and B -ultrasound, the maximum diameter was 1 cm in diameter.

The diagnosis of her is the attending physician of the Department of Urology of the CUHK Hospital. He considers that because the fetus in the abdomen is only more than 3 months, if it is treated with in vitro or surgery, the fetal abortion may be triggered.However, if conservative treatment is adopted, continuous high fever and pain may also cause abortion.And Ms. Wang has the problem of incomplete cervical function. It is not easy to conceive children. What should I do?There is only one treatment method. According to the patient’s comprehensive situation, the attending physician of Jiang Hua carried out minimally invasive ureteral tube surgery. The ureteral piping was placed on the ureter to relieve the ureter obstruction. After the child was born, the stones were taken out of the stones.

There may be a medium move every 1500 pregnant women

Jiang Hua, a attending physician of the Department of Urology, Zhongda Hospital, said that the incidence rate was about 1/1500 to 1/2500 during pregnancy.The most easily occurred in the two stages of the 3rd to 6th and 6th to 9 months of pregnancy.

Pregnancy combined with ureteral stones is a tricky problem, which may cause abortion and potential impact on the fetus.If there is kidney stones before pregnancy, and the physiological changes during pregnancy, the risk of these stones falling on the ureter is greatly increased.Once the stones are incarcerated in the ureter, it will cause obstruction, cause renal colic, and symptoms such as abdominal pain, hematuria, nausea, vomiting, and even serious complications such as renal failure and infectious shock.

Therefore, if the kidney stones have been found before pregnancy, we will not "get pregnant with stones."If ureteral stones occur during pregnancy, timely treatment should be treated to prevent unexpectedly.

Don’t make up for pregnancy during pregnancy, the balanced diet can be

It is understood that the changes in the complex physiological state, body structure and urine dynamics of pregnant women affect the formation of stones.In particular, the elevated level of progesterone causes the smooth muscle diastolic of the ureter, decreased ureteral motility, and induces ureteral stones.During pregnancy, stones have a lot to do with lifestyle. Pregnant women’s high -protein, high -heat energy diet is excessive nutrition, sitting for a long time, and children are born before the birth of stones.

Doctors remind that do not blindly supplement during pregnancy. Generally speaking, you only need to maintain a balanced nutrition, eat more vegetables and fruits, and you can ensure sufficient nutrition when you eat normally. You must consult the doctor in advance when eating health products and supplements.

Author: Liu Min

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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